Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Funding your own lobbyists


The biggest beneficiaries aren’t just those who suck off the taxpayer’s tit with their benefit – which, frighteningly, now describes nearly 1 in 2 NZ households.

Some of the biggest beneficiaries in the country inhabit the Beehive and places around it, sucking furiously for both power and money.

And shockingly, some of the other big beneificiaries are loobyists – not just cronies seeking favour but (which amounts to dishonesty in a democracy) activists and advocacy organisations paid by government the taxpayer to promote their own chosen causes.

This is not just wrong, it is utterly dishonest. “There should be no funding for advocacy.” 

The good news is that Anti-Smoking Hysterics (ASH) and their fellow busybodies faces closure as “total funding for national advocacy has been cut from $1.7 million to $450,000.”

The bad news is that funding lobbyists continues.


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  1. Mr. Farrar of Kiwi blog is [ in my opinion ] simply a National party propagandist. He likes to keep us amused.


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