Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Nearly half of the country is on the mooch


Tax 001

So how many New Zealand households are on the mooch? Answer, just in: More than 40 percent of them. Nearly half!

The fact is that hordes of Kiwis pay no net tax at all. Maybe yours?

    • 3 per cent of households pay 24 per cent of all income tax.
    • Meanwhile 40 per cent of households pay less tax than they receive in cash benefits.
    • Thousands more are neutral contributors, or are close to it.

Nice for some.

Do you think it is possibly sustainable?

[Cartoon by Nick Kim]



  1. People being bribed with their own money!
    And they would have so much more of it if they just held on to it, rather than passing it through the government bureaucracy and back to yourself.

  2. How much of the total tax take (and rates)is spent on the administration needed to take the money and then redistribute it.? How much is spent by different gov't departments with no obvious benefit.? What do we get in return for the enormous amount of money spent by gov't, do we get value for money.?


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