Friday, 19 February 2016

No buses, and traffic moves much more freely!


Only one data point, but it’s an interesting one:

Auckland has survived the first hurdle of the bus drivers' strike with commuters reporting "dream runs" and lighter than usual traffic . . .
    Commuters who contacted the Herald about their trip to work have reported smooth and free-flowing traffic - some are even saying the strike should happen everyday.

And 62 % of respondents to the Herald’s straw poll think the bus strike made the traffic better.


Sure, some commuters will have stayed away. 

But is it just possible the value of buses has been overstated relative to the amount of road they take up?

And without them and their bus lanes (on some of which, the police were still stopping ticketing drivers using them), the city might just move better?

(In any case, not a great result for striking bus drivers who hoped to bring the city to a standstill.)

1 comment:

  1. Surprised it's only 60%.

    so I wonder if the nominally capitalist National party will have to guts to follow David Seymour and just shut down all the busses


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