Saturday, 20 February 2016

Burning Sandals for General Secretary


The wires vibrated, the tumblers turned, and out dropped this irregular despatch from our regular correspondent Suzuki Samurai

Has there ever been a more ghastly bunch of presidential candidates for Americans to choose from? Ever? Ever at any time at all?!

I thought that Mitt the Git Romney or Obamamessiah was a bad enough choice.

But Trump? Seriously?

Cruz? What?!?

Hairy Clit-on? Yuk!

Where’s the choice?

Where’s there something to choose from?

The death-by-a-thousand-cuts course that the US has been on for years is painful to watch – even more painful to be part of it, I imagine.

The hope that America once represented is now hopeless. The liberty lost. The choices nugatory; the candidates negligible at best.

So listen up: All you folk who vote for the “least-bad” of the very bad candidates, it’s time to admit it. You're just stalling.

Hoping that in some small way your awful choice for president is going to save least a little bit.

Hoping that there will be at least a bit of a roll-back.

Hoping they will at least slow the growth of the Fed beast down.

Hoping America won't go further down the toilet – evern further down.

Well hope away kids. You know where hope for change got you all.

So on the other hand, you could abstain from votingaltogther. You could join the don't-vote-it-only-encourages the bastards abstentionists so you can claim you weren't part of sullying your own integrity. Hmm, tempting. But all it really does is encourage the bastards to get away with screwing you regardless.

So what to do?

Here’s my answer:  to all the the fed-up, the knocked, the American libertarians, the Objectivists and the abstentions, I say to all of you get out and vote like all hell. Get out and vote like hell for one Bernie Ilyich Sanders and just get it all over with.

Do it! Bring the curtain down. And then get away as far as possible cause it'll get ugly. Real ugly.

But while you're away get organised. Get other liberty minded people educated; raise funds; and be ready to fill the vacuum before the black fascists fill the void left over from the red ones.

It's like keeping alive a horse with a broken leg – shoot the fucking thing, and go out and get a new one.

Oh, and best of luck.

Suzuki  !


  1. TRUMP is the BEST LEADER we have had since THoams Jefferson and HITLER

    Cresswell , tell us ALL, why Ayn Rand changed her name !!!!

    Her name was NOT AYN RAND!!!

    Rats LOVE OPEN BORDERS and YOU are a FCKN MORON!!!..

    cress well hates his own race.....

    1. Your inarticulate abuse is not adding anything to this discussion. I think most people are aware that Ayn Rand was a Russian immigrant who, like many immigrants before and since, adopted a name that was easier to say, to spell and to remember. I think you will find that Peter Cresswell views racism as irrational collectivism and those who practice it as fools and ultimately losers. Trump is not a leader, he's a narcissistic bully.

  2. Both Rubio and Cruz are much better options than previous elections.

    1. You are a FCKN retard !!!

      Cruz is born in Canada , a neocon Zionist Goldman saks owned POS

      Cruz is open borders, and wants WWIII with Russia and Iran

      Mark T , you are a FCKN RETARDED LOSER

    2. With friends like this guy Trump certainly doesn't need enemies!

  3. Interestingly, Trump has the biggest tax cuts in his plan. But also appears to lack a coherent philosophical basis for his beliefs, whatever they are.

    1. "Interestingly, Trump has the biggest tax cuts in his plan." Have you heard the merest hint of how he proposes to match that illusory non-commitment with commensurate spending cuts?


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