Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Quote of the Day: On Donald Trump

“I can only assume that Donald Trump is an elaborate plot
to remind Americans of the real reason for the Second Amendment.”
~ Bernard Darnton


  1. "I know Bernard.. I was at his wedding, I've been on his show. He's a good guy. He likes me. Why he's saying mean things now.. well, I don't know. You'd have to ask him."

  2. Assuming this is in response to his proposal to ban Muslims from travel into the US... it's not an unreasonable proposal to be dismissed out of hand. It's a concrete action towards a threat. I understand the spirit of non-profiling, but as a result, the good guys & granny at the airport bare the real inconvenience. The weight of inconvenience should fall more on those closer to the source.

    And the proposal has sooooo upset the MSM & politicians across the board. Even the Brit PM has felt the need to say something. He's hitting a nerve. For the real truth is that if the US closed its borders & left the world to it, the US would be fine. That the Brit PM will comment on a policy of a US republican candidate shows how far that PMs thinking is infected with a collective (& presumptive) "we're all in this together".

  3. Donald Trump is great! he is merely saying what a large chunk of people have been thinking all along, but felt cowered into silence. People in many countries are simply sick to death of the 'political class' - sick of manufactured politicians, talking in soundbites, breaking promises, embracing failure, condemning success, abandoning principles, governing by focus group and opinion poll. Along comes Trump and calls a spade a spade; no wonder it upsets the delicate sensibilities of the losers; no wonder he is leading in 40 states.

    1. Trump is a born politician i.e. what comes out of his mouth is not the truth but whatever is expedient for his self-promotion.

      He is also a crony capitalist, a fascist and a complete cunt.


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