Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Robin Williams, 1951-2014

Everyone is commenting on Robin Williams. Perhaps because some part of his  work touched everyone.

His range was enormous. Didn’t like his whacky slapstick? Then he had other roles with greater depth.

The exuberant sense of life –and convincing tragedy -- of his radio DJ in Good Morning America.

From his doctor in Awakenings, a call to life, however fleeting,

From his psychiatrist in Good Will Hunting, the call to rise.

And in Dead Poets Society, his character’s call to seize the day -- to make your life extraordinary.

This was a man with depths not so hidden. Depths he tapped in playing his many roles.

It will be a tragedy if the manner of his death defines him. As psychiatrist Michael Hurd says in discussing his death, “In the end, it’s not how you die that matters at all; it’s how you live.”

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  1. I liked his song "Supreme" and thought the music video with the Formula 1 racing was quite clever.

    "Popular culture" has never been of much interest to me, but Mr Williams was an entertainer who brought a lot of joy into the humdrum lives of many 'ordinary' people, and his family has my condolences at this difficult time.


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