Thursday, 12 June 2014

Spot the link, and win!

Here’s a wee competition for any readers in Wellington over the next while.

Just be the first to spot the link between these two news stories below , and you get to win a Tapas platter and craft beers for two at the Kelburn Village Pub. (Disclosure: I won the prize at the fantastic Anzac Hopstock 2014 festival but sadly won’t be back in the capital for a while; so one of you – and a friend – can be the fortunate beneficiaries.)

So, to win, be the first to explain in the comments the obvious link between this news story from the UK…

Uber is cheaper and safer than a Black Cab – SPECTATOR

… and this one from Boston:

Boston food trucks sling safer food than restaurants, study claims – METRO.US

Be the first to post the correct, coherent and perhaps even colourful answer in the comments (on which score, my judgement is final, and no amount of whinging will be entered into)


Basically, you get the prize when I get it, and as long as the good folk handing out the Hopstock prizes are happy to make the prize transferable. (And why would they possibly object?)


  1. Going to Beervana this year Peter? It's long past time I bought you a pint.

  2. Something something regulation something something government something something ignoring contrary examples

  3. So out of the 500 or so who've read this post, nobody wants to win a prize? Not sure what to say to that.

    @Greig: Hadn't planned to. Should I? Or should we meet up again closer to our homes?

  4. I have a clue to the answer (Mr Nymous above is close), but being a Jafa with no plans to visit the capitol soon I thought I'd leave it to someone else.

  5. Looks like the non-JAFAs aren't interested, Dolf. And the anonymite can't talk.

  6. @Peter It's a fun festival, and the bars really shine around that time too. The only downside is that it can get a bit crowded, but the general bonhomie and friendliness of the craft beer peeps it's crowded with really make it something special. But failing that, I'm hitting Galbraiths on Friday evening for the Yeastie Boys bash if you feel like bending your elbow.


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