Thursday, 12 June 2014

It apparently starts with Ayn Rand [updated]

To say Paul Krugman has jumped the shark would be to confuse this one shark for several dozen earlier varieties.

Krugman’s latest is that a) we’re all gonna die (You now, crop failures; ice caps falling on us; polar bears taking their revenge; all that sort of thing), and b) anyone who denies we’re all gonna die has been deluded by Ayn Rand.

He writes this for America’s paper of record. Not as satire, but as serious analysis.

James Delingpole is excited for this new turn in the former Nobel-Prize winner’s career. See:

I'm personally very excited for Professor Krugman too because I think it could mark the beginning of a successful new career as an amateur pop psychologist. Next week, he could maybe tell us why racism is caused by listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd; then, in a subsequent column, which I especially look forward to reading, he could explain why all the firm breasts and heaving buttocks in Game of Thrones are responsible for the worst outbreak of sexism in Western history.
What's certain is that Krugman badly needs a career change. He trained, I believe, as an economist but what's palpably clear when reading his article is that he doesn't really understand his subject at all.
Let me give you some examples of what I mean…

You can, if you care to, read on.

UPDATE: From the other direction, Reason magazine decided they might ridicule Rand for liking cats.  For liking cats! Timothy Sanderfur fires back on cats, objective value, and more. Read: ‘Ayn Rand believed in the objective value of cats? How silly!...oh wait, she was right.’

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