Friday, 20 June 2014

A New MoBIE Dick

Guest post by Peter Osborne

I see the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MoBIE) has appointed a new Registrar of Building Practitioner Licensing.

His name is Paul Hobbs and he’s no slouch. Hell no! He planted his trotters in the Department of Business, Innovation and Employment six years ago. More recently he sat his curly tail in Weathertight Services Group as National Manager. And previously he oinked himself a key role in the Canterbury earthquake recovery work for the Building System Performance team, within MoBIE. I am sure this will not be his last posting but that is no longer of any consequence as his snout is now, well and truly, in the trough. We taxpayers must be grateful that someone who has no intention of producing anything in his working career is nonetheless there, to keep us who do produce, in line.

How fortunate that Christchurch has an army of such people, there to unsure that its stagnation continues, unmolested by the real property owners who just want to get on with things.

As for us builders and tradesmen; we should be more enthusiastic about giving our hard earned money to Mr Hobbs and his department. After all, if we are to contribute to this world it is imperative that someone who doesn’t is there to ensure that we do it in an uninspiring and tedious manner.

I fully understand that we producers are not worthy of our rightful freedom. It is only right that the agreements we may otherwise have with our clients be imposed upon by those more enlightened non-productives at the Ministry. This is of course for the well being of New Zealand.

I also understand that, in a non-productive’s life, often the family must take a backward roll. This is why I too must spend less time with my family and more time working to cover compliance costs and to attend the 2-hour evening seminars required to gain enough points so that I can continue to ply my trade.

It is clear to me that this country is in dire need of more people like Mr Ross, without whom there is a very real danger that prosperity might break out and spread across our nation. Worse, we may all feel the weight of government lifted from our shoulders and realise how much better off we are without them.

Peter Osborne is an Auckland builder, when he’s allowed to be.


  1. The government's never the solution!

  2. That's right, Barry. Goddamn sewerage systems, national parks and space programmes. What has the government ever done for us, ever?

  3. Chaz - care for vulnerable children

    J Cuttance

  4. Peter

    The governments of the world are most important. They provide so much for civilisation. They make safety for people and provide all the services without which no-one could live in peace and harmony with each other.

    Why only last century the governments saw to the deaths of hundreds of millions of naughty people. They destroyed over 90% of the purchasing power of various currencies. They tortured, stole, extracted, bribed, assaulted, raped, starved, infected, injured, diseased, malnourished, enslaved and reduced the wellbeing of hundreds of millions more people. They generated more debt than has ever been experienced ever before. Your great grand-children will still be paying for the orgy of government.

    No matter, as long as there are still believers it can go on and on and on. There are always hundreds of millions of more to kill and hurt and impoverish. And there is plenty of time to get about doing so.

    Peter, you are better off spending more time with your family. Contribute more of your life to them and far less to the regulations and compliances and all the parasitic wastes of time demanded of you. Sure you are going to earn a bit less, but so what? When you die you will not regret any of that, but you WILL regret not spending enough time with your family. That's for sure.


  5. EDIT. Final two sentences ought to read as follow..... When you are on your death bed looking back at your life you will not regret any of that, but you WILL regret not spending wenough time with your family. That's for sure.



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