Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spot the contradiction

The item all over your news last night was Education Minister Hekia Parata’s announcement of school closures, mergers and rationalisations around Christchurch.

Virtually to a man (and woman) the parents, principals and teachers the reporters spoke to were agin it.  Their response is best summed up by that of the Educational Institute (NZEI), who says  the Government “needs to listen to schools and their communities.”

These are the same people, and the very same NZEI, that wholeheartedly supports top-down centralised control of state schools—which takes all important decision making away from schools and their communities; that stands against bulk funding of those schools—which would support schools and their communities to make their own decisions; and that is violently opposed to Charter Schools—which gives almost complete autonomy to schools and their communities.

Can you spot the contradiction?

Because they can’t.


  1. Well noted. Why this contradiction? Probably because they like top down centralised control but want to be the ones in control.


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