Tuesday, 19 February 2013

He sells real estate AND …

In between selling real estate, Martyn Bradbury will be changing the NZ blogosphere. Or so he says.

His plan to “change the blogosphere” is (wait for it, wait for it!) a new blog.  One that “will bring together 30 of the best left-wing bloggers and progressive opinion shapers in NZ all onto one site to critique the news, the media, and politics to provide the other side of the story.”

I can already hear you ask how this will differ from existing blogs like, for example, The Double Standard? Well, for one thing, at least they’re all using their own names…

Launching March 1st TheDailyBlog.co.nz will feature: Chris Trotter, Selwyn Manning, Professor Jane Kelsey, Keith Locke, Sue Bradford, John Minto, David Slack, Morgan Godfery, Gareth Renowden, Coley Tangerina, Phoebe Fletcher, Wayne Hope, Queen of Thorns, Burnt Out Teacher, Steve Grey, Aaron Hawkins, Marama Davidson, Tim Selwyn, James Ritchie, Efeso Collins, Robert Winter, Lynn Prentice, Frank MacsKasy, Matt McCarten, Wayne Butson, Chris Flatt, Allan Alach, TheDailyBlog Reposts, and The Liberal Agenda.

My own invitation must have been lost in the post.


  1. It'll make it so much more efficient to ignore them, once they're all in the one place.

  2. A veritable man (and woman) ifesto.

  3. Let's see how long this collective hangs together before the internecine fighting that leftwing groups often promote occurs.

    Having said that, the same internecine tendencies happen at the other end of the spectrum as well.

  4. I would rather commit suicide than read that rabble of left-wing losers.

  5. That fat fuck martin bradbury should worry about getting laid than organizing another useless leftwing blog. That's his worry, get laid because he's got callouses on his hands.

  6. No Mr.V your not gonna commit suicide in just a simple way for a little thing.No one will allow it.

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