Monday, 5 November 2012

Fine Art Sale, with Jasmine Kamante & Jesper Sundwall

image“Seated Nude III,” by Jasmine Kamante, oil on panel 300 x 200mm

image“Memento Mori II,” by Jesper Sundwall, oil on canvas, 450 x 350mm

Artists Jasmine Kamante and Jesper Sundwall have been invited to exhibit at the annual King’s College Fine Arts Sale, along with a wonderful line up of artists, proceeds from which are used to promote the development of art and culture, and the improvement of student facilities.  These are just two of the paintings they will be exhibiting there.

They invite you to join them at the opening cocktail party on November 9th at 6.30pm. For more details and information on how to book your ticket, please click here.

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