Thursday, 24 May 2012

NZ Music Month - The Neighbours: ‘The Only One You Need’

I recall The Neighbours--with Sam Ford, Trudi Green and the legendary Rick Bryant—being a shit-hot live band around Wellington in the mid-eighties. They enlisted film-maker Gaylene Preston to “dramatise” their 1983 EP ‘The Only One You Need.’ You might wonder “why?”

(Another one-NZ-music-post-per-day for NZ Music Month.)


  1. I recall seeing this very band in the Cricketers' Arms, Wellington about 1985???
    Chris R.

  2. Cricketers' Arms, 1985.Exactly. Were you the one I threw the jug at?

  3. I loved this song but never got to see them live as I was under-aged at the time (form 1 I think). Thanks for uploading it.


  4. Sorry - not 1985. The band went from 81 to 83.

  5. No? Hmmm. So what was the incarnation called then?


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