Thursday, 24 May 2012

Budget Day …

This is brilliant. (So brilliant, you must go visit Motella to thank him for it.)

BUDGET DAY: The day when the media line-up "average" Kiwi battlers that whinge that the government isn't redistributing enough cash their way...

If an election is an advance auction of stolen goods, then Budget Day is when we hear to whom exactly the stolen goods are being given.

Feel free to post Budget thoughts and updates in the comments as this afternoon’s announcements unwind.

UPDATE:  Yes, as predicted it is an eat-the-rich budget.  A lolly scramble of new spending in health, education and welfare—which means new borrowing on top of existing borrowing—zero budget, my arse!—and a huge $78.5 million increase to the IRD audit goons to attempt to gouge this out of taxpayers.

Things are going to get very nasty indeed in the next few years.g.


  1. I'm too angry to write more than the below blog post to my newly ressurrected blog (new address):

  2. lifebehindtheirondrape is sooo good. Thank you Mark.

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    Rajesh Bothra

  4. NotPc, that's the problem with the populace, everybody thinks the government owes him/her something. Those damn students should get back to classes and stop thinking everyone owes them a living -- you borrow money, you pay back. Which part of that don't they understand?


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