Thursday, 19 April 2012

EVENT: "The real goal of the green climate crusade"

Here’s a  live-stream internet event for tomorrow to put into your electronic diary. 

Environmentalists claim that our use of carbon-based energy is altering the climate, making us more vulnerable to climate disasters. Human survival, they insist, requires the immediate abandonment of fossil fuels in favour of carbon-free sources. So why do environmentalist groups vehemently oppose projects involving every alternative form of energy ever proposed to replace fossil fuels--including wind farms and solar power plants? And why do they ignore the dramatic degree to which industrial development under capitalism has reduced the risk of harm from severe climate events? Before we rush headlong into drastic climate policies and energy rationing, a critical examination of these policies is urgently needed.
Dr. Lockitch will address these important issues and answer audience questions.

This event will be livestreamed free at

Who:  Dr. Keith Lockitch, fellow and instructor at the Ayn Rand Institute. Dr. Keith Lockitch has a PhD in physics from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. His writings have appeared in publications such as the Washington Times, Orange County Register and the San Francisco Chronicle.

What: A lecture examining what is really behind global warming alarmism
Where: Smith Hall 231, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (and livestreamed worldwide)
When: Friday, April 20, 2012
Time:  12:30 p.m. NZ time

As with yesterdays livestream event, if you’re anywhere near Mt Eden and would like to join us here to watch this on a big screen and have a quick chat about it afterwards, feel free to climb up the stairs at the Organon Architecture offices on the corner of Valley Rd and Dominion Rd, i.e., Level 1, 236 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden—opposite The Dominion.


  1. lol, you've got to be joking. Environmentalists constantly promote wind and solar power. Also, do you really think that at least 95% of the world's scientists, along with low budget community groups are colluding to bring down the economy? Surely it's more plausible that rich oil companies are bribing a few scientists and corrupt news networks to push anti climate change propaganda. You only have to follow the money trail, any idiot can see that. For goodness sake...

  2. @Gazzumuso, you said: "Environmentalists constantly promote wind and solar power."

    Yes, they promote them in the abstract, and opposes every real-life application of them. (I give you, for example, Project Hayes.)

    And the reason they're promoted at all? Because as industrial-scale power producers neither solar nor wind are either reliable enough now capable of the capacity. In other words, they're not real alternatives, and insofar as they require subsidies they actually waste resources rather than save them.

    "Surely it's more plausible that rich oil companies are bribing a few scientists and corrupt news networks to push anti climate change propaganda."

    Really? You have evidence of this well-funded conspiracy?

  3. You've got the propaganda wrong gazzamuso. It's supposed to be 97% of scientists, not 95% - did you misread your eco-loon memo?

    Do you know where the 97% figure comes from?

    A University of Illinois survey in which thousands of scientists were surveyed and sadly for the researchers very few responded so they culled the survey down to only "earth scientists" (you know not real ones) and 70 - 80 of their responses. The question they asked was, "Do you think humans have an effect on the climate", which everyone knows we do, whether it be the heat island effect or the SMALL effect CO2 has on the greenhouse effect. That 100% didn't respond "yes" tells you everything you need to know about "earth scientists".

    Back to eco re-orientation camp for you.


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