Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Just as he was about to do some good!


The first time in my life I find it in myself to offer good words about Nick Smith, and within 24 hours he's resigned.

I almost feel responsible.

That said however, on the issue on which he resigned he behaved badly: using political pull to help a friend (endorsing her ACC claim on ministerial letterhead) then lying about it afterward (saying he "couldn't recall" if he used the letterhead or not. Yeah right.)

So the minister with a tongue so forked he could hug a tree with it has gone, but ironically just before he was about to do some good.

I trust (but doubt) his successor will proceed to tie up councils, as Smith planned to do. And I hope (without any sense of optimism) that his succcessor will do what Smith never would and proceed further: to gut the RMA.

Both are urgent.

Given my new-found ability to place a curse on cabinet ministers though, perhaps if Smith's replacement proves too recalcitrant I should just offer some words of praise. As unlikely as that might sound.


  1. please Winston hold your tongue now,
    there is no value to us of your smirk on this ocassion,

  2. What I find depressing is that he is too unethical to be a minister, but it is OK for him to be an MP.

  3. sweet jesus Freekmack, Nick Smith was one of the best Ministers this country has ever had.
    I am ashamed of John Key, listen here you John Key I am ashamed of you.


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