Wednesday, 21 March 2012

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: "The very soul of economics..."

Here's the note from our friends at Auckland's Economics Group on tomorrow night's meeting.

Tomorrow, Thursday 22nd, 6pm, Room 223 of the Uni Business School, we begin our first session of four on Economic Harmonies. And in the first of these we discuss the idea at the heart and soul of economics that is so often misunderstood:

 Economic Harmonies 1: Division of Labour - The very soul of economics!

* Why was Henry Ford able to produce more cars in a day than any other manufacturer?


* Why is economics founded on 'division of labour'?


* What barriers are there to division of labour? And what implications of these barriers?


These questions and more answered tomorrow night at the Auckland Uni Economics Group.

WHERE:Room 223, Auckland Business School, Auckland Uni
WHEN: 6pm, Thursday evening

All welcome!

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