Friday, 4 November 2011

Question for the Day: Is anyone fiscally responsible?

Here's your question to consider this morning:

If Labour were to take office, they plan to spend $15.6 billion more than they take in; meanwhile National plan to continue spending more than $13 billion more than they take in.

So should either of them be consided fiscally responsible?


  1. one plans to enslave 4million grandchildren in debt, the other 4.1million
    both of them are drunken sailors high on P, with the ho-shop beckoning

  2. I must point out that the $15.6 billion Labour plans to spend is marked for their new policies. There is no indication that they will stop any of National's current spending. I surmise that much of National's $13 billion overspend will be tacked on to the $15,6 billion in New policies.

    Rather like the "choice" between being raped or gang-banged...

  3. that's shocking

    So does anyone know what the Greens have in store?


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