Sunday, 2 October 2011

Quote of the Day: AFL edition

"[With] yesterday's stunning victory by Geelong over
Collingwood ... the club's ninth premiership and
its third in five years ... [the Geelong Cats] can now
rightfully claim to be the greatest of the modern era."
          - Caroline Wilson, writing in 'TheAge'


  1. it sounds a bit like backing Man United...

  2. Sorry, Shane, you'll have to explain that one.

  3. @Shane: The reason I ask, Shane, is that the success at Geelong was built on being a values-driven organisation based on people with character and integrity.

    What that has to do with David Beckham or Wayne Rooney or the latest mutant with no brain and a bad haircut I can't imagine.

    If you want to see the way Geelong was built--and this a great book about building a group based on character and integrity, by the way--I highly recommend the book by former two-time-premier Geelong captain Tom Harley called 'Standing Tall.'

    An MBA man like yourself should find it interesting. :-)

  4. Ah, to be defined by my qualifications.

    From your description, Geelong sound like the type of organisation one ought be proud to be associated with, at any level.

    I have no knowledge of Aussie rules as a sport.

    Having had an arms-length connection with Chelsea (innit) some years ago - and subsequently, Man U seem to have a following... well, The Urban Dictionary says it all

    As the architect of your own mind, I ought to have suspected that your connection was above fleeting and not limited to the good times.

    But I had a feeling you might bite.

    Perhaps one day you might have the opportunity to impress upon me the merits of the code.


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