Saturday, 1 October 2011

Best of the week, and for the weekend

If you missed them this week, these are the posts that got folk excited:

  1. Three Logicians Walk Into a Bar
    The humour of logic.  And beer.
  2. Don, John and the right to take a toke
    Even if the country’s clueless, calcified commentariat is unable to see the connection between the right to pursue your own happiness and the right to defend your own life—two rights which are linked as one in freedom—if ACT ever had a reason to exist then it was to promote the policies of freedom and individual rights while all around them parties were peddling the opposite. That they’ve rarely if ever done so has led them to the place they are now. Which is to be unelectably shambolic.
  3. Don’t like drugs? Then legalise cannabis.
    The more you actively prohibit drugs, then it is the more virulent drugs you actively encourage. The more you outlaw drugs, the more you empower outlaws.
    If you want police cracking down on real criminals instead of spending time frisking people harming only themselves, then end the War on Drugs now. Because if you can’t even keep drugs out of prisons, then you sure as hell can’t keep them off the streets.
  4. “Nobody got rich on their own, so there!”
    Some folk are saying this tirade against wealth creators  by Obama adviser and now Harvard academic Elizabeth Frigging Warren is “the best thing ever!” Like hell.
  5. "This economic crisis is like a cancer…”
    The situation in Europe has now officially become a farce. Plan? What plan. The only plan on offer is to continue driving off the cliff.
  6. DOWN TO THE DOCTOR'S: The FrACTured Party
    Don Brash dips his toe into the water and before you know it, toys are being ejected from cots by the president of ACT and the two Johnny Bs.
  7. Doug Casey: How to Prepare For When Money Dies
    An eye-opening interview with renowned speculator Doug Casey:  why fiat currencies around the world are destined for collapse, whether the US dollar or Euro might lead it … and what investors can, and should, do to protect themselves.
  8. 100,000 green jobs from $2.5 billion of green pork? Who are they kidding.
    New green jobs “created,” if they are at all, by taking away existing jobs.

So that’s the best of the week. Now for the best of the weekend!


227368_186235261426891_186235124760238_514391_8279974_nJust in case you didn’t know, and despite all the other games on this weekend, the game of the year for me is this afternoon: Geelong Cats (Go the Cats!) vs Collingwood Magpies (Cold Pies) in the AFL Grand Final!

Ninety-odd thousand screaming fans strapped into their seats at the MCG to watch this year’s two dominating teams battle it out for either Collingwood’s second Flag in two years, or Geelong’s third in the last five. (Check out some of the highlights of their thrilling 2009 victory.)

Geelong are the Counties of Australian Football—at least, Counties when it was in its prime. Hard playing, skilful, astute, possessing all the virtues of the sport. They’ve been the pace-setters of the game over the last half-dozen years.

And Collingwood? These jokes might give you the flavour of the Collingwood supporter, and explain why for most Australians the two teams they support are their own and ABC – Anyone But Collingwood.

Geelong-markQ: What has four-hundred legs and three teeth?
A: The Collingwood Cheer Squad.

Did you hear that the Post Office has had to recall their latest stamps? They had pictures of Collingwood players on them. People couldn't figure out which side to spit on.

Q. If you see a Collingwood fan on a bicycle, why should you never swerve to hit him? A. It could be your  bicycle.

Did you hear about the politician who was found dead wearing a Collingwood jumper? They had to dress him in women’s underwear to save his family from embarrassment.gamenight

Q: What is the difference between a Collingwood supporter and a park bench?
A: The park bench can support a family.

Q: How do you make a Collingwood supporter run?
A: Build a job centre.

Long live the Colliwobbles!
And just so you know,  the last time the two teams met the Cats thumped the Pies by 96 points. And Cats Eat Birds.

Oh, and Clare Curran is a Collingwood fan.

So go the Cats!




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  1. Regarding (4) nobody got rich on their own, there were two great posts at Cafe Hayek on the topic also: the first, meeting Warren head on by quoting Sowell, and the second, up this morning, a lovely post that starts from the concept of the Internet cloud, and moves onto this:

    Human technological advancement depends not on individual intelligence but on collective idea sharing, and it has done so for tens of thousands of years. Human progress waxes and wanes according to how much people connect and exchange ...

    Knowledge is dispersed and shared. Friedrich Hayek was the first to point out, in his famous 1945 essay “The Use of Knowledge in Society,” that central planning cannot work because it is trying to substitute an individual all-knowing intelligence for a distributed and fragmented system of localized but connected knowledge.

  2. there can be only 1 magpies champions, and the Bay won that title this year, so C'wood were doomed to fail against the Mighty Cats.

    Well done Cats, you foxed those dirttrackers in the first half to think they had a show... superb second half by which you climbed all over em, and kicked their sorry unemployed asses to the curb


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