Monday, 3 October 2011

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: Property rights and more! [updated]

Here’s the update on tomorrow’s session with the UoA Economics Group:
Good evening all,
Ask yourself:
  • Why do people in shanty towns build their furniture before their roofs?
  • Why did the Industrial Revolution happen first in England?
  • Why do some places produce factories and enormous wealth, while in others all they have are pushcarts and penury?
  • How did problems with goats and chickens seven-hundred years ago lead to an enormous humanitarian advance we still enjoy?
  • And why might your neighbour want to invoice you for his new flower bed?
Join us tomorrow night to discuss the answers to these questions and much more--and find out what they all have to do with our subject: property rights.
        Time: 6:00pm
        Date: Tuesday, 4 October    
        Location: Case Room 1, Level 0, University of Auckland Business School
See you there!

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