Monday, 26 September 2011

Three logicians walk into a bar … [updated]


Think about it.

Hat tip Gene Callahan.

And to Julie Sedivy, who can put you out of your misery if your thinking machine is causing you trouble.


  1. I don't know, the first two don't look like beer drinkers to me. Probably only take one beer to get to a false premise, and 4 beers later, no means yes.

  2. Descartes went into a bar.
    The barman asked "Do you want a drink?"
    Descartes replied "I don't think so" – and disappeared.

  3. Three ACT candidates walked into a meeting: "Are we all agreed on policy?"... "Umm"... "Eh?"... "Yes!"

  4. Are you saying they walked in together ... !! ?

  5. Well, two of them accidentally arrived at the same time and the other one was actually looking for the toilet....

  6. Two ACT candidates walked into a bar, and so did a third who will be named later...

    ...but more ACT candidates are walking out of the bar than were in the first place.

    I need a beer.


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