Thursday, 20 October 2011

Anger is an energy–and that’s about all

The left view ideas not as as the arbitrary products of warring mobs. With the OccupyEverything Mob, we are now getting ever closer to the warring mobs:

I thought of the Joker's nihilistic ramblings [says Doug Reich] while reflecting on some news related to the Occupy Wall Street protests. What did Obama’s utterly vacuous campaign slogan “change we can believe in” actually mean? Or, recall Pelosi urging the electorate to pass Obamacare "in order to find out what’s in it." Or, for a more innocuous example, recallCameron Diaz causing a furor in Peru by sporting a Maoist-themed bag.  In other words, it seems the left is very good at wearing revolutionary accessories, fighting the police, and just doing things, but, when pressed, they are very cagey about what they actually want. Well now we have the ultimate manifestation of this phenomenon - a global movement supposedly comprised of hundreds of thousands of protesters who openly brag about allegedly having no demands.

No demands, but plenty of everything to whine about and march on—including, now, Auckland’s Aotea Square and Wellington’s Civic Square. (Well, not so much a march, perhaps; more a kind of unwashed sleepover.)

And in the States, they’re starting to march on millionaire’s houses … though not yet on millionaires like Nancy Pelosi.Or Barney Frank. Or Henry Paulson.

And they’re starting to march on banks … though not yet on the Central Bank centrally responsible for the economic collapse and the increasing worthlessness of paper money, the US Federal Reserve.

Talk about “cognitive dissonance.”

Meanwhile, the representatives of the mainstream have shown an equal paucity of ideas, with even more destructive results: from their headlong creation of central bank credit that headed straight into the today’s malinvestments; ; to their failed pursuit of “price stability” that instead of stability saw assets and finance houses explode with the great gobs of counterfeit capital created by central banks; to their failed experiments with “stimulus” that delivered only rigor mortis; to the worldwide sovereign-debt crisis that is upon us all now that the bill for all that failed stimulunacy is coming due, a bill that threatens to bury the whole world.

Meanwhile, banks in the US, which was given great gobs of taxpayers’ money when their bad loans made in the Fed-created boom exploded in the bust, are now literally using police to prevent people from getting their own money out of their own accounts.

So there’s reason enough to be angry.

If the febrile minds presently Occupying Everywhere really did have a mastermind, or even a single mind using its on-switch, they’d have a lot at which to cogently direct their anger.

Mind you, that would require taking ideas seriously, instead of just being out in the streets like dogs chasing cars.

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  1. ""Kalle Lasn, founder of Adbusters magazine, based in Vancouver, B.C. – the magazine that issued the call for the initial Occupy Wall Street protests – has called on people to protest the upcoming G20 while demanding a one-percent tax on financial transactions.""


    Now you can see who is REALLY behind the protests, we will have a UN tax that will make it financially independent and able to progress its own agenda to running the world as the much-acclaimed "One World Govt"


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