Thursday, 20 October 2011

Addicted to Socialism?

Do you have a problem with your socialism? Watch this for help.


  1. I love the concept of this video. However, it could do with some fine-tuning, followed by a re-shoot.
    Just sayin'.

  2. @Maungakiekie: Agreed. And it will be. :-)

  3. Here is a shoot I had in mind...

    Close shot. Guy in orange tracksuit. Tying his shoe laces getting ready for his 3 yearly sprint.

    Next wide shot you see him running towards two doors. One red and one blue. Super imposed is 2005 election

    Medium shot. Close to the doors he veers left and smashed into the red closed door, bounces back and end up on the ground.

    Next shot the same deal but this time 2008 election and smashing into the closed blue door.

    Next shot orange tracksuit guy gets ready again 2011 election. Starts running towards the doors but half way he slows down wondering.

    A voice over:
    "Maybe you should try something different"

    Then Libertarianz logo.

  4. Billboard idea: Series of billboards, each with a big photo of a serial moocher and a tag line "Libertarianz won't take your money and give it to this person.".

    Suggested stars:
    Winston Peters
    Hone Harawira
    Len Brown
    Phillip Field
    Bill English
    Helen Clark
    Russell whatever his name is with the yacht.
    Generic or well known CEO
    Christine Rankin
    Generic Hippy/Greenie
    Rodney Hide
    Gang member

  5. "Generic or well known CEO"

    great idea!

    I think libz usually get their personal freedom message accross OK but people don't seem to get the business freedom side of things and they just get lumped in with ACT. Start attacking the crony-capitalism message

  6. This ad should be on TV during the election campaign.

    (I hope in true libertarian spirit no intellectual property rights were broken in the making of this spoof.)


  7. twr...Its hardly fair lumping Rodney in with those real moochers.He saved the taxpayer many millions in his time and often fought alone against state waste and the rampant IRD that was driving some people to suicide. He made one booboo by taking a trip with his partner that he was lawfully entitled to do (with his own withheld money I might add) and then he payed it back when he had no need to.Decent Kiwis will feel the cold wind of having no champion when he's gone.

  8. I think you may be missing the point slightly.

    There are a significant majority of taxpayers/voters who don't want their hard earned cash going anywhere near Rodney, whether it be for his trips, his super city, his party's TV ads, or indeed his salary.

    Libz are the only party who have a policy to not give him any money, so if those people don't want him to have it, they can only vote one way.

    Incidentally, I can't see why you're cheerleading for Rodney. He spent over a decade railing against government waste, and yet the moment he got the chance, he voted for the three most profligate budgets the country has ever seen. The goodwill from the work he did saving a few bucks here and there previously was well and truly obliterated pretty much instantly. The ridiculous sideshow he generated within his party was the final nail in his coffin.


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