Wednesday, 14 September 2011

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: It is, quite literally, a National-isation

_richardmcgrathYour weekly prescription of good hard sense from Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath.
This week, how to stop MPs and immigrants from gouging NZ taxpayers.

  • NZ HERALD: “Waterfront move an 'overreaction'Auckland Council transport chair Mike Lee says Murray McCully’s move to nationalise Party Central is an over-reaction…

THE DOCTOR SAYS: For the first time I can remember, I find myself agreeing with Mike Lee. This National-led Government, voted in on the pretext of rolling back Clarkism, has turned instead into Blue Nanny, seizing control of the Auckland waterfront in a crude and blatant power-grab.
    It is, quite literally, a National-isation of Auckland’s crown jewels.
    And for what? To “create more space for partying.” So that more JAFAs can get pissed. Is that really a legitimate government activity? Should local or central government have even become involved in staging a pissup? Or a rugby tournament?  (Answers on a postcard, please.)  Because this, right here, is the logical outcome of having pollies plan your sporting contests.
    Politicians like Murray McCu**y and his National Socialist cohorts see a situation that has been screwed up by a simpleton (who Aucklanders must now be embarrassed at voting into the mayoralty). McCu**y seizes his opportunity, and with it Auckland’s transport, Auckland’s wharves and Auckland’s downtown, showering over the newly National-ised piss-up infrastructure yet another golden shower of taxpayer money.
    His plan? That one week after a ginormous 200,000-strong party, few, if any, punters will be willing to try repeating the experience anyway.  Ergo, pictures on Monday morning of Wellington’s shortest cabinet minister crowing over his “success” in quelling Auckland’s crowds.
    So what would a Libertarianz Party MP have suggested doing instead? Easy: have the politicians stay the hell out of the Rugby World Cup altogether; don’t give the IRB the power to shut down local businesses; leave the Rugby Union and Martin Snedden to organise their own tournament using their own money; Let the IRB subsidise them if needed. Leave private enterprise to organise the after-match piss-ups however and wherever they wanted. Why? Because how a person or group of people amuse themselves (provided they don’t hurt anyone who doesn’t want to be hurt) is none of John Key’s damned business.
    It may come as a surprise to McCu**y and even to many New Zealanders, but one of the core functions of government is not facilitating the kicking around of a pointy ball and the drinking of piss.
    However, my final prescription is this: forget the parasitic politicians for the next month or so and just enjoy this veritable feast of rugby. I know I will be trying to.

See you next week!
Doc McGrath

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  1. I was aghast that I agreed with P Goof ~ that McCu**ty wanted his photo op's, and now is avoiding ministerial responsibility.
    I agree with your sentiments


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