Friday, 18 February 2011

Nothing ‘Super’ about winter in February

Here’s a serious philosophical question for a Friday morning:

Isn’t February too frickin’ early to be interested in Super Rugby?

True, it’s not like we have a cricket team competing for our interest. But I was under the impression rugby was supposed to be a winter sport. And it’s fricken February fer chrissake.


  1. This is what they talk about on Radio Sport in February when they're out of things to talk about. Guaranteed calls.

  2. But since Super Rugby has started there surely should BE things to talk about.

    If anyone was interested.

  3. killing rugby slowly.......

  4. Well there is that little thing happening later in the year called the World Cup. Perhaps they want the Super and TriNations out of the way?

  5. the drunken watchman18 Feb 2011, 17:35:00

    .. too fricken early for you, perhaps.

    Others will be their own judge.

    Besides, let the market decide, eh?

  6. Drunken Watchman, PC told all at Papamoa before the World Cup 2007 that resting senior All Blacks players in a World Cup year is a recipe for disaster, since players are not hard match fit. It turned out he was right and I'm not sure whether it was co-incidence or not.

    This year, there is no such policies from Graham Henry to rest top All Blacks, so I assume that the All Blacks will win the World Cup in November because they're not being rested.

    I reckon, if we won't win, then there will be another excuse.

    Anyway, Auckland Blues will beat the Crusaders tomorrow night @ Eden Park by about 10 points.

    I have a hunch that if the Blues is strong this year, then the All Blacks will win the World Cup (look no further than 1987 World Cup team dominated by Aucklanders). However if the Blues is not going to perform well this year, then I reckon that the All Blacks will lose the World Cup , regardless if the top players were rested or not. The lost of the Cup in 2007 were due to too many Canterburian in the team.

    Go the Blues.

  7. ghe drunken watchman18 Feb 2011, 23:18:00


    yep, you are right, I remember that prounouncement of PC's well, and I remembered it watching Cardiff.

    Then again, a million monkeys banging away on a typewriter are going to get something right ...

  8. Killing rugby quickly. What a boring game it has become. Wish we could have the tours again. A series loss was a disaster as it might be four or five years before the sides would meet again in similar circumstances. Who cares if we lose to the Springboks now? We'll get our chance again in a fortnight. Professional rugby. Stick it where the sun don't shine. Ian

  9. As I predicted, the Auckland Blues won, but I was wrong on the margin of the scores.

    There is a good start from the Blues and if they keep going like that for the rest of the super-15 season, then I bet that the squad for the World Cup at the end of this year will be mostly from Auckland. If we go by historical reasons, when Auckland is strong, the All Blacks is also very strong.

  10. @FF: I think you've been confusing correlation with causality again. ;^)

    And even on correlation, I think you're struggling.

  11. @DW: I do occasionally get something right. Mind you, it's almost always the result of pure chance. Or the beer talking . :-)


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