Thursday, 2 December 2010

House – Aldo Loris Rossi?

149512_172111982814719_172083709484213_594216_201284_n I”m pretty sure this is a house. And I’m pretty sure it’s by Italian organic architect Aldo Loris Rossi (not to be confused with architect of death, Aldo Rossi). And I know it was, in some way, inspired by the great Italian theorist of organic architecture, Bruno Zevi.  And I like it.

But outside that, and the few details than can be deduced from the picture itself, I know nothing. Anyone able to help?


  1. Well I can see the odd place to park the Smart Car, but by the look of it the Ford Focus is going to be baking in the sun.

    I love the look of the outside, but would need to see the floor plan and inside to decide if I'd want to live in it (my only criteria for architecture :) ). Plus there's an alarming lack of windows, which denotes no view, which wouldn't do for me either.

    But you're right: I'd love to see more of it.

  2. I want that house, even though the Holden v8 melts in the sun outside

  3. This isn't a house, this is a church!
    the designer isn't Aldo Loris rossi (an amazing italian organic architect)but an other italian (from Tuscany) architect; is name's Giovanni Michelucci.
    He's the Florence's railway station of Santa Maria Novella architect which has build in 1942, and this building is the Longarone church!
    Leonardo Matassoni architect

  4. It's not an house of Aldo Loris Rossi but the Longarone Church of Michelucci.


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