Thursday, 2 December 2010

Busted Hyman [updated]

There is some good news today, and that good news is coming out of Wellington.

And it it this: The utterly irrelevant “Gender Studies” Faculty at Victoria University of Wellington is to close for lack of interest.

Which means that the seven (yes, just seven) students and the likes of Prue Hyman and friends (yes, that his her real name) can now go out respectively and do some real study, and get a real job.

Let us hope this is the start of a trend. A healthy one.

UPDATE: That said, who now will be able to comment appropriately on research suggesting semen is an effective an anti-depressant? [Hat tip Geek Press]


  1. It will be good if Auckland University should follow by closing useless departments as sociology, education, maori, pacific studies, anthropology and other irrelevant/useless departments. They should divert & concentrate the financial resources that had been used to run those useless departments in pumping up R&Ds in other departments.

  2. Gender Studies can be undertaken quite freely and enjoyably at any park, airport or beach. Shutting down a department dedicated to turning the pastime into a meaningless waste of resources is a good thing.

    The link in the UPDATE may explain why most lesbians I am acquainted with [With 2 notable exceptions] are generally sour and humourless people.


  3. Hah. I knew National had a hidden agenda!

  4. Hehe, Judge Holden who had been banned by PC from making further comments on this blog did her qualification in gender studies. You can see why, because every time he makes a comment on the blogosphere it is laughable. She doesn't argue the issue; rather she takes a snide at other commenter’s or blog authors.

    In gender studies, they don't teach students how to reason, but rather to argue from a point of ignorant. Does that sound like Judge Holden? Definitely and I know that because my sister got her degree in gender studies and we argue a lot whenever there is family gatherings. My sister is almost similar to Judge Holden.

  5. That said, who now will be able to comment appropriately on research suggesting semen is an effective an anti-depressant?

    Thus the name "gay"?

  6. Andy Williams whose birthday it is today once sang a song called "Music To Watch Girls By." Is this the same sort of thing?


  7. Explains perfectly why "Judge" is such a worthless windbag.

  8. Sounds like you have some issues there Kurt. You girls are so easily hurt. Perhaps you should have taken some courses in harden the fuck up studies.

    Judge Holden

  9. That is quite witty J Holden, however you are true to leftist form and play the man and not the ball again. when will leftists argue the ideas rather than try to denigrate the person with the opposing idea?


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