Tuesday, 30 November 2010

War & WikiLeaks

"A universal peace, it is to be feared, is in the catalogue of events which will
never exist but in the imaginations of visionary philosophers, or in the
breasts of benevolent enthusiasts."
-- James Madison

It’s impossible to easily summarise all that flood of WikiLeaked paper, although people have been trying, but at this early stage I tend to agree with Andrew Bolt’s summary, that

_Quote the overall tenor of these leaks is like the last, which confirmed just how wildly Lancet and other activist-captured bodies had exaggerated the death toll in Iraq. They tend to confirm that the perils the US confronts are real, and the claims made by its enemies tend to be false.
    In this case we get further evidence that the Saudis indeed are financing al Qaeda; that Iran and North Korea are indeed are in an axis of evil,
trading missiles; that Iran really is using Red Crescent ambulances to ferry arms to Hezbollah, as Israel has long claimed; that Iran is seen as not only a threat by the West, but the Arab world; that China was a conduit for the arming of Iran; that Russia is in a new authoritarian phase, and that China is sabotaging computer systems in the West and hacked into Google’s.

Like it or not, the world is still a dangerous place. Even Rachel Maddow agrees.

_QuoteStrip out the gossip and the diplomats-as-spies and the please-attack-Iran parts, and what you get from Wikileaks's latest is the very scary news that the Iran probably has the weaponry it needs to attack European cities.

Which is why the non-response of of the U.S. president to cross-border murder by North Korea is so dangerous, since it says to the world’s many potential aggressors of today that they will meet no serious opposition from this occupant of the White House.

We can recall how Neville Chamberlain’s agreement to back down over Czechoslovakia famously emboldened Hitler and led to world war.  We might recall how (not quite to famously) US ambassadorial assent to turn a blind eye to  Saddam Hussein’s view that Kuwait was really a province of Iraq emboldened that aggressor, and led to the First Gulf War. So how to take Obama’s response to North Korea’s unprovoked attacks on the U.S.’s military ally, which barely amounts to a stiffly-worded memo.

_QuoteHow did the White House respond to North Korea's shelling of South Korea [asks columnist Paul Greenberg]? Our president is said to be 'outraged' -- according to his spokesmen. That'd be a first. For has Barack Obama ever shown more than Thoughtful Concern on any matter, foreign (Iran's nuclear program) or domestic (the national debt)?
    Early on Tuesday morning, as the Koreans were collecting their dead, the president's press secretary, Robert Gibbs, issued a statement calling on North Korea 'to halt its belligerent action and to fully abide by the terms of the armistice agreement' signed in 1953. ...
    Dispatches from Washington Tuesday evening said President Obama wasn't planning to speak publicly about the shelling on the peninsula, preferring to issue a written statement later on.
    Why rush? It'll doubtless be neatly typed.
    Can you imagine a Harry Truman, or, for that matter a Reagan or Kennedy or Eisenhower or either Roosevelt just having an aide issue a press release when an ally comes under fire? Isn't it time for the current occupant of the White House, officially acclaimed a great statesman by the Nobel committee, to say something to both enemies and friends to assure the peace? Or do we have to sit through another yawner from his soporific press aide? ...
    As I write these lines, the current occupant of the White House remains silent, as in Silence Gives Consent. In this case, to war…

[Hat tip for James Madison quote to the Patriot Post]


  1. This soft US president's brain is indistinguishable from his bottom. That means that his thinking is black just like his ass. His appeasement stems from his unclear thinking about the threats posed by the enemies of the Wests. His mind is muddied because it is black (void of reason) and not white just like everyone else.

    I reckon that there will be a major crisis (either Israel & Iran or South & North Korea) soon under the watch of this no brain president.

  2. Elijah, your racist shit isn't funny anywhere, ever.

    His thinking is fucked because he's a socialist weasel committed to undermining the cause of freedom in the world, not because of his skin colour. Arguments such as yours are seized on by people who support him to say that any opposition to him is racist. You do those who oppose him rationally a disservice.

    Delete your comment if you value liberty and have got any brains.

  3. Elijah is suffering from the same racist disease that Adolf @ No Minister is suffering from. Everytime Adolf makes a comment or a blog post on Obama he labels him blackarsed.

  4. I am struck by the the use of the word gossip in relation to the bulk of what was in the leaks.
    Given all the confirmation of things the media deny (like gun in ambulances) it shocking (but expected) that all the NZ TV media reports is the gossip.
    We are very poorly served!

  5. So US cable traffic supports the publicly espoused views of the US and its allies. Is that in any way surprising?

    As for Korea, didn't a RoK ship get sunk recently by a DPRK submarine? What was the response of the RoK govt? Revenge attacks? Invasion? Assassinations? No. Strongly worded statements and sanctions. What would you have the US do, and why now and not then?


  6. His thinking is fucked because he's a socialist weasel committed to undermining the cause of freedom in the world...

    Well, American blacks do have an average IQ 15 points lower than whites.

    Just saying...


  7. I'm shocked. Who'd of thought all these things? I mean after all.
    Iran, N Korea, Hezbullah playing dirty pool, China spying on us via google, Putin getting stroppy, leftists lying, Afghans being caught with their mitts in the till,worst of all a democrat Potus thinking that writing a stern letter is the best response. [Surely the DPRNK's Dear Leader must be watching his polls] What's the world coming to?

    This Assange coot has done us a good turn. It's doubtful that it'll turn out real good though as everyone will turn on him instead of the real problems. The only clear thinking seems to be one group of wogs recognising another group of wogs is a clear menace.

    There's a lot to be said for forgetting about nation building and just doing a Carthage number on the domiciles of arseholes.


  8. Can't help but notice the number of bloodthirsty, racist assholes who always crawl out of the woodwork when you post on this topic PC....


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