Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

4867173515_92260b5219_z I saw this bridge in a recent copy of Walking New Zealand magazine, and she’s a beauty.


An 80m long pedestrian/cycle crossing over the Waiwhakaiho River--part of the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway—it’s only really let down by those aesthetically pedestrian railings. And just look at the way it focuses walkers on the mountain.4831948265_14bd849673_z

It was designed and built by a consortium led by local company Whitaker Civil Engineering Limited, and including Novare Design, CPG and Fitzroy Engineering. Paid for by taxpayers and New Plymouth’s long-suffering ratepayers, for sure, but so much better value for money than their bloody Wind Wand.

[Top two shots by Margret Brands. Lower shot by Kimbzcam.]


  1. Nice !!! Wellington City Council take note. Enough of this industrial grey steel crap on the waterfront already !

    Can you believe -- God knows what they spent on Midland Park and it now looks -- refurbished and exactly the same !

    I would like to know why a bloody single stall mixed toilet in the suburbs (Island Bay, Berhampore, Starthmore etc) costs over 80 K ?

    May be public works act should be changed to understand "costs" (what $ is )better instead of "price" (what $ someone can get away with) so we can look at value for money.

    Government servant

  2. God knows what ratepayers spent on this bridge. All I see is an overkill of specially cut metal to support 80m of pedestrian walkway. Don't even get me started on the fact that is not galvanised and probably requires regular repaints also.

  3. I reckon it is fantastic! I will go and see it.


  4. How can you say anything about the Wind Wand!?!?!!?

    If we built it they (tourists) will come! If we build it, they will come! If we build it .......

  5. I like it. Nice work.

  6. far out dude, bleached whale bone bridges,

  7. far out PC, a bleached white whale bone bridge,

  8. It is pretty cool. Made me think of an armadillo skeleton. And the view of the mountain is spectacular.

  9. PM of NZ, dont worry, working for the company that cut the steel i can tell you it didnt cost all that much, its only 12mm thick. youd be suprised how little steel costs.

    looks mint though!

  10. the steel didnt actually cost all that much to be honest, i work for the company that profiled them.

  11. Has anyone walked over the very top of the whalebone bridge. Thought I saw someone up there the last time I drove psst.Was I seeing things?


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