Monday, 15 November 2010

Birkenhead Library - ArchOffice

BirkenheadLibrary I always enjoy being able to praise local art and architecture, when it’s worthy of such praise.

Here’s another prize-winner in the recent NZ Timber Design Awards.  It’s basically the decoration of an otherwise uninteresting box, but what’s striking for me is how effective the sparse palette and relatively simply-done decoration is (it’s unfortunate that the theme wasn’t carried through a bit more, to the light panels for example, or that more natural light isn’t welcomed in—but there you go).

The theme of the fretted ceiling panels and sun shades evokes the light quality of a forest glade, an effect complemented by the counterpuntal balustrade fins and the reflections from the (otherwise unattractive) glass balustrading.

It makes a welcoming interior appropriate for the space; one that’s pleasant to be in and not at all overdone.Birkenhead02 

Well done ArchOffice.


  1. I wonder how much that architect's wet dream cost ratepayers?

  2. So the PM of NZ obviously knows nothing about building or architecture with such ridiculous and un-intelligent comments .. did you read the guidelines?

    Building is great and what is more important is that the People love it and it is for them. The Locals were always involved and that is why it is not just a praise to the Architect but also to those Locals that accepted and responded with comments to help make the building their own. Well done to ArchOffice and the Birkenhead Community.


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