Wednesday, 13 October 2010

It’s not every day you meet a real-life hero [updated]

A small but very loud enthusiastic New Zealand contingent flew over to Sydney to hear and meet up with Yaron Brook, who’s been doing a fantastic job as head of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights

Sydney-Brook 04We’re the excited-looking bunch around him. Yaron’s the nervous-looking one in the middle. 

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some very exciting plans afoot for Australasian Objectivists—about which, more soon.

UPDATE:  No matter how many times you’ve visited Sydney, it’s impossible not to enjoy it. It’s a great city in which to be a tourist.




  1. Richard McGrath13 Oct 2010, 12:25:00

    I recognise your good self, PC; also Mr Brook beside you; and is that erstwhile Libz leader Russell Watkins at the back?

    May I enquire who else is in the photo with you?

  2. Is that Redbaiter's last name called Watkins? I read a blog post somewhere (Kiwiblog, I think) that Mr Redbaiter's first name is Russell who lives in Tauranga or Whakatane. Now we can see what Redbaiter looks like. PC, I thought that Redbaiter is your nemesis, but now, I know that you're good mates with him.

  3. @Lefty Diehard: Bedwetter's surname is Fletcher.

  4. Brilliant PC. What a great experience. I was at the Ford Hall Forum presentation by Yaron Brook a couple of years ago and thought he was a thoroughly engaging speaker.

    Hope he can return to this part of the world again!


  5. @Richard: From left to right, that's Albert and Monica from Hamilton, some visitor from Hawkes Bay, the redoubtable Mr Brook, the undoubtable Mr Watkins, Tim Wikiriwhi's best mate Mike Gordge, and a building regulator from Canberra there to make sure check nothing was said that was too incendiary for the fire regulations.

  6. "Hope he can return to this part of the world again!"

    Funny you should mention that... ;^)

  7. Said regulator is Wondsor Ung, and to be fair has become enlightened since joining the 'regulators'. He is leaving the regulators shortly in his defence.

    Also, I have met Russell Fletcher, and it turns out that he is indeed not me...he is no where near as good looking or as charming as me you fucking idiot!

  8. Well, Wonds will have to leave now you've outed him. ;^)

  9. Nice Bastiat t-shirt.

  10. Richard McGrath13 Oct 2010, 15:31:00

    Thanks, PC. I recognised Albert and Monica from the other photo. Likewise Mike G.

    Russell, your head is as shiny as ever. I told you that furniture polish works a treat!

  11. You could have tucked yourself in and worn a long sleeve shirt. Bloody oik!

  12. How about getting Mr Brook to Auckland so that our politicians can attend his public lecture? Such event would be a good education for the likes of David Cunliffe, Turei, Nick Smith and other misinformed MPs if they're invited to attend?

  13. Yep....Brook for Auckland....Id attend that! ;-)

  14. Andrew - at least he wore a *shirt* to the presentation!

  15. That's the 101th time you've said that PC!!!!!

    anyway...cheers to ardbeg, though I prefer the glenfiddich. I suspect the shiny bald guy is onto the last drop of tullamore dew as I write this...

  16. You're right, Wonz. I should have stopped when I cracked the ton.

    It was the Ardbeg wot made me do it. Honest. :-)


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