Thursday, 16 September 2010

David Garrett [updated]

What’s left to be said about this entity?

Say it for me in the comments.

UPDATE: Quips from around the traps (because Garrett doesn’t deserve whole paragraphs:

bustedblonde: "Better hope that David Garrett never read anything by the Marquis de Sade."

richardboock: "If you target offenders at the lower end, you stop them from... (causing) more serious crimes." - David Garrett [ ]

hardsell: Ironic for David Garrett is that I believe he may have been convicted unjustly in Tonga, yet under his 3 strikes policy it wouldn't matter.

economicsnz: On David Garrett. In their youth quite a lot of criminals want to be police. I guess some of them grow up to be MPs instead.

richardboock: David Garrett did seem to know those Jamaican bobsledders pretty well, though... maybe @60MinutesNZ has got it all wrong?

novamacaria: David Garrett - if a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged is a liberal a conservative who's been caught.

radioovermoscow @MrMikeMcRoberts What if David Garrett had watched Cool Runnings instead of Day of the Jackal?

brettroberts: Can't say I blame David Garrett for creating a false identity. His real one is hardly something to be proud of.

agentK: So the National government in NZ really thinks it should work with ACT's David Garrett: passport fraud, sterilisation incentive, assault...

NZbomber: The first irony of David Garrett's criminal past is that ACT have always opposed clean slate legislation.

badtom: This just in: David Garrett expresses sincere remorse for his attempt to assassinate De Gaulle.

MikeE_NZ is pretty happy right now that David Garrett didn't read The Silence of the Lambs.

jsrnz: Anytime anyone refers to David Garrett, they need add the phrase " .. if that IS his real name."

richardboock: David Garrett advocated offering "bad parents" a $5000 incentive to be sterilised. Should we have a whip around for him?

richardboock: "Alter the Bill of Rights act. we’ve got too hung up on people’s rights..." - Act MP David Garrett.

berenddeboer: Clearly a lot of NZers right now support David Garrett's three strikes and you're out. Or are convictions in the past not relevant?

billbennettnz: In another era David Garrett's friends would have handed him a revolver and hoped he did the right thing.

jarret_filmer: Just saw Roger Douglas and Rodney Hide with black eyes. Garrett must have been reading Fight Club.

patrickgowernz: Rodney Hide's press secretary Allan Swann has "left" - he didn't last long... He was only there 5 minutes. I'm told "creative differences."

westendjenna: Rodney Hide … He's all for law & order & zero tolerance, except when he isn't.

David Slack: Hide closes down ACT party, apologises for "harmless prank". "I was simply curious to see whether such a thing could be done."

publicaddress: It seems worth noting that Tim Selwyn went to jail for using the name of a dead baby to obtain a false passport.

radioovermoscow: ACT's perk-buster loves perks; their Law and Order man has an assault conviction... Let me guess: Roger Douglas is actually a commie?

ImperatorFish: Gerry, can something be done to help David Garrett? He's been running magnificent interference for the gov't all day.

wellingtonnews: ACT - a party of convictions


  1. Never thought much of David Garrett but overall I think I fucked up big time during the last elections.

  2. David Garret deserves another chance in life. We all do. The past is irrelevant. The media is having a field day on a non-important issue like the Garret fiasco, which is not something in par with more damaging issues such as the government guaranteed scheme for risky finance companies like South Canterbury Finance. Bailing out SCF had fucked the asses of this country's taxpayer citizens. David Garret's past didn't affect anyone else, except himself.

    So, let's minimize non-important issue and the noise in the media by ignoring everything written or being discussed regarding the revelation on Mr Garret's past. Don't give it oxygen folks. Move on. There are more important things that the public should worry about than the David Garret affairs.

  3. Several decades ago when I was a student I recall hearing of a chap who decided to expose the slack enrolment procedures at Canterbury University back in the early 1960s.

    Whether it was true or merely urban legend I do not know, but the fable went that he managed to get his dog a BA. He did it through a false enrolment and serial masquerades on exam days, or so I was led to believe.

    Two points:
    1 Who cares about Garrett today let alone 25 years ago?
    2 The fabled dog could possibly have earned a BA today without human assistance such are the academic standards now said to be prevalent.

    Chris R.

  4. As I said in the comments on NBR, the Compulsion Touters had a candidate on the list with a fine mind, and who was knowledgeable in, and would have debated with great prowess in the House, on her specialty topic, welfare. That candidate was Lindsay Mitchell.

    Putting Garrett above her on the list on the thirteenth hour coming into the 2008 election is now shown to be incompetence. Though it was at the time, for Lindsay had already proven her credentials.

  5. "The past is irrelevant."

    That's a very interesting view to hold Falafel. At what point does the past become irrelevant I wonder? A week?

    Astonishing hypocrisy and stealing dead babies identities is just fine, because it happened "in the past"? David Garrett disagrees with you funnily enough.

    Judge Holden

  6. David Garret's past didn't affect anyone else, except himself.

    A victimless crime?

  7. Mark Hubbard, Lindsay Mitchell is not a team player, and would have melted down over any issues long before now. She's good in what she does, she's not an MP you want in your party.

    Neither do I want David Garrett.

  8. I'm having a laugh at ACT but it was 25 years ago. People do stupid things at uni.

    If he'd sent the relevant department the passport back saying what had happened and asking them to lift the standard of their procedures would any of us see an issue now?

    Of course, the department might have had a go at him but he would have got the public's sympathy and possibly a judge's. As a law student, perhaps he knew better.

    I loved the liberal is/conservative is lines though - classic.

  9. Berend, I have no idea whether Lindsay Mitchell is a team player or not (what evidence do you have).

    But why is being a team player such a great thing? I'm sick of collectivists toeing the party line. I want an individual in partliament with small parliament in her mind, less welfare, more freedom, and bugger what her sideshow of a party would have made her do or say. One sane voice for freedom in the asylum would've been lovely.

    Viva la individual!

    And remember, there's no 'I' in team, but there's a 'me'.

    Mind you, I've never been a team player either.

  10. ... that's small government, etc

  11. I am sure women everywhere are profoundly thankful Garrett never read The Silence of the Lambs, and thought "a girl suit made out of real girls? Bet I could do that..."

  12. Sorry NotPC I don't see what you have got against David Garrett.
    Not much, I'm guessing since you can't even bother to say so and instead just post plainly stupid comments and unfunny remarks from others.
    e.g. @hardsell - 3 strikes applies to crimes committed in NZ.
    @bustedblonde - Why? Stealing an identity somehow is related to sadism?? God you are stupid.
    @richardboock - Garrett was convicted. He did not reoffend. WTF are you on? Tell me so I never buy any.


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