Saturday, 31 July 2010

On the telly

If you'd like to sit through an hour-long TV current affairs programme to watch me talk about Chris Carter and Phil Goff for about a minute on a shaky Skype connection, then I'm obliged to tell you that a link to this morning's TV3 programme The Nation, hosted by Duncan Garner, should appear shortly at The Nation’s home page.

I show up with about one minute to go.  Making an awful lot of sense. :-)


  1. Very good opening shot referring to the "I'm going to get you" allegations.

  2. Yes, well, with both Edwards and Duncan in the same studio discussing the very issue on which they'd famously fallen out, someone had to say it. ;^)

    And I guess that's what bloggers are good for on these occasions--to point out the various elephants in the room.

  3. Damn! Non of TV3's shit is available to overseas viewers! Sorry to miss it Pete

  4. Knew you were just in this for the polli gossip. :) You made your point well.

  5. You're right Peter. The issues & things that matter much to the public which should be debated out in the open is being buried and not being discussed at all. The government & politicians just sit there and think that it is more important to talk about Chris bum-fuck Carter being expelled from the Labour Party, and not have any concern at all about the laws they make in Parliament that do us the public. It is pathetic, that a story about Chris bum-fuck Carter is more important rather than a discussion about laws that curb our freedom, made by those muthafucking MPs. The sad thing is, that idiots like that of Duncan Garner are making it worse, i.e., they sensationalize non-issues and ignore real issues.

  6. Congratulations!

    Adding TV star/political pundit (or is that 'talking head'?) to your list of credits is well deserved success.


  7. You made a valiant effort, PC and I would have liked to see and hear more of you..... but I think the show deliberately tried to make you (and the other bloggers before you) look like an amateurish and under-resourced fringe dweller.

    They did this very effectively by interviewing you on a 1.3mp webcam with a tiny grainy wide angle picture which distorted all your facial expressions. Contrast this with their own 'studio' interviews beautifully relayed on a 60 inch screen; and then Garner cut you off halfway through a word after giving you less than a minute on air at the end of the show.

    I wonder if some of you bloggers could get together and organise your own 'TV' program via YouTube or some kind of live video link on the internet?

  8. Dave, I think your assessment exactly right.


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