Wednesday, 14 July 2010

‘Crimson Cloud’ – David Knowles

This is a new landscape by Wairarapa painter David Knowles.


A majestic use of space.

Just stunning.

Tranquillity captured on canvas.


  1. Richard McGrath14 Jul 2010, 10:01:00

    God that is good. I love the seamless transition of colours from light orange and purple hues in the water, through green and into blue as one looks higher in the sky. Beautiful work, David!

  2. Crikey, that would be amazing to see.

  3. This picture made my day! Thanks and thanks for introducing me to Knowles.

  4. Stunning! Hell, yes.

    David Knowles is a major painter. That he's not more widely known, while minor talents grab awards and big dollars, is a travesty.

  5. PC said...
    ...minor talents grab awards and big dollars, is a travesty.

    You're correct there. The winner of the Trust Waikato National Contemporary Art Award of 2009 went to an artist whose artwork resembled the contents of an upturned wastepaper rubbish bin.

    Is this creation art or trash?

    I think that the prize was something like $50,000.00 and whoever judged that bullshit artwork to be the winner must have just been released from a mental hospital who went straight to work as a judge in this competition at the time.


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