Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Madness in Palmerston North

A friend sent me through a piece of news he thought would interest me.  It did.

_Quote Police are hunting a ‘bunch of idiots’ after five cars were rolled on to their roofs in Palmerston North overnight.  The cars were found upside down on Pacific Drive, Benmore Avenue, Kaimanawa Street, Church Street and Ruahine Street, covering a distance of more than 10km.
    "’It's all round town, it's bloody madness,’ a police spokesman in Palmerston North told NZPA.  ‘Instead of chucking rocks through their windows, now they're just tipping them on their roofs.’
    “This was the first time he had seen such a case in the city, the spokesman said.  ‘This is a phenomenon from last night. It's a bunch of idiots, I'd say. 
    “Nothing had been taken from any of the cars. It was not clear what time the vandals had struck.”

Let's look at that statement again: "This was the first time he had seen such a case in the city," the police spokesman said.

But I have a clue. It’s not the first time! Many years ago, I had exactly the same experience in Palmerston North …

I can’t say too much (what happens at Massey stays at Massey).  Except to warn other punters wishing to avoid similar straits not to park their Mini-van outside the Vet Tower on a cold, dark Easter night, no matter how tempting the inducement.

It’s madness. But then, this is Palmerston North.

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  1. .....and then there was the Siamese cat that nearly didn't come back!


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