Thursday, 24 June 2010

One Shot for Glory ! [updated]

The official All Whites’ team song.  Well, sort of official, with Miles Davis (no, not that one), Dave Gent (ex-Dance Exponents) and friends.

UPDATE: So that’s it.  If you’d told me two weeks ago that New Zealand would finish the World Cup unbeaten and finish ahead of Italy—and that I’d watch all their games—I wouldn’t have believed you.  It might be too early to say it, but that’s a great result.

We just drove past Gina’s in Auckland, the home of Italian support in Auckland.  It’s looking awfully quiet.  Much quieter than we feel.  :-)


  1. Richard McGrath28 Jun 2010, 13:07:00

    Not a bad anthem. Uncanny how Miles Davis looks and sounds just like the lead singer from the 80s 'Oi' band the 4-Skins.

  2. Now go and listen to MY song for the Rugby World Cup.

    go to the LISTEN category: Its called World Cup Rugby


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