Thursday, 24 December 2009

Organon Architecture’s 2009 Top 10

In the spirit of Luke Nicholas’s Epic Beer 2009 Top 10, listing the top ten things he and his fine brewery achieved in 2009, I figured I’d do something similar for my own day job, Organon Architecture:

  1. 09021-1006 The Waikato Times chose to publish my Van Oostrom house, calling it “an outstanding Hamilton home, surely the best [we] have featured.” Naturally, I agree. ;^)
  2. After constant prodding by those who know their stuff, Organon Architecture’s new website is finally on the way to replace this old one which now has cobwebs on it.
    ASketch01nd I’ve finally started an Organon Architecture blog to better feature my projects. If only I can stop dragging my heels and start filling up all those pages as instructed. (Sorry, Paul!)
  3. Still really enjoying my Kebyar membership, which keeps me in touch with like-minded architects overseas (since there’s few enough of them here locally).
  4. Order books are still full, with some exciting new work and renovations going onProposed-DD—and not every architecture practice can say that this year!
  5. My Design Consulations have been taking off. 
    It’s proved to be a great no-obligation way to talk about architecture with new clients, potential new clients, and good people who just want good architectural advice.
  6. In the words of Paul Litterick, “Man is born free, yet everywhere is in villas.” And this year no one’s asked me to renovate a villa—folk are getting more excited instead by California Bungalows. 09016-Sketch_Morning
    A very healthy trend indeed.
    (I’ve always thought life wouldn’t be so bad if it was just spent renovating Auckland’s splendid stock of California Bungalows.) And no one—no one at all—is asking for “Tuscan” anymore. Thank Galt.
  7. Spent some great times house-sitting, enjoying hospitality in and showing new clients around a few of “my” houses. I always enjoy seeing how the houses are enjoyed and experienced 09019-Render05by those they’re designed for—and those I’ll be designing for.
  8. I began posting Architectural Mini-Tutorials here at NOT PC, which I’ve discovered is a great way to communicate important architectural ideas—and was flattered to have artist Michael Newberry recommend them. (Note to self: Must do more.)
  9. I was also flattered to be contacted by a photographer who photographs a lot of houses09014-Opt001- RearCourtyard to commend you  on a superb job” on my house at 43A View Rd.
    Nice to get that sort of praise from another professional, I thought.
  10. I was delighted to be offered the chance to fix up a house I’d designed a few years back on which a client made a few too many shortcuts. And happily, it all worked out all round in the end.
      And delighted too to be asked by a chap who’s owned Claude Megson houses to help renovate his present residence.

09020-Proposed Site Plan 002-WedgieHope you had a good year too, and you can have a great break.  Keep enjoying the good life--and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Peter Cresswell


  1. The new website and blog look great Peter. Hope you and Carol have a successful 2010 - oyu both deserve it.

  2. Congratulations. It looks as if you have a good year ahead. And I think you are right about Californians: their revival is long overdue

  3. I remember your first post on the van Oostrom house - a great design and build.

    Glad to see your business is going well. Look forward to following the projects on your new site.

  4. I wish i could see it too, anyhow good luck for your business.


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