Thursday, 24 December 2009

Xmas Eve Ramble

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’ve got ramblin’ on my mind.  T’was the day before Xmas and all through the net,  my spies were a’searching to find good stuff to vet.  And here’s what they found.


“Global warming may be a problem, but it's not a certain problem, and it's
certainly not one of epic proportions, as Al Gore would have us believe. It
is one environmental concern among many, whose science is far from settled."
- Lawrence Solomon, quoted in ‘Copenhagen another costly UN failure?

    “Far from achieving a major step forward, Copenhagen—predictably—achieved
precisely nothing. . . The reasons for the complete and utter failure of Copenhagen are
both fundamental and irresolvable. The first is that the economic cost of decarbonizing
the world's economies is massive, and of at least the same order of magnitude as any
benefits it may conceivably bring in terms of a cooler world in the next century. . .
    “The time has come to abandon the Kyoto-style folly that reached its apotheosis
in Copenhagen last week, and move to plan B. And the outlines of a credible plan B are
clear. First and foremost, we must do what mankind has always done, and adapt
to whatever changes in temperature may in the future arise.”

- Nigel Lawson: ‘Time for a Climate Change Plan B

  • James Cameron’s film 'Avatar' makes film history, says Andrew Bolt. It’s the first mass-market movie about war between aliens and humans in which we’re meant to barrack for the aliens. The perfect misanthrope’s film.
  • What’s wrong with global warming anyway? Cold weather kills. We NEED the earth to warm up!
  • New blog post: - The 2009 Christmas Price Index (CPI)
  • Message to Ann Tolley: Choice in education is always much more important than NATIONAL STANDARDS

More from those ClimateGate emails:
“Faking up data here is very time-consuming”
MikeHulme to TomWigley

“Dear Santa. For xmas, I would like: less government, more freedom, and
a 2000L brewery. I have been a good boy”

-Signed Greig


  • New blog post: – Young conformists Raging With the Machine
  • Victory of RageAgainstTheMachine in UK Christmas chart war raises an important question: are today’s youth the least cool generation in living memory?
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Greg Perkins explains intellectual property and the foundations of property rights to Stephen Kinsella & Tom Palmer. Kinsella (at least) maintains his deafness.
  • ECONOMICS: And Frank Shostak schools Ben Bernankem who thinks the American economy is “recovering.” Explains Mr Shostak: “The so-called economic recovery in terms of GDP is likely to continue for another six months on account of massive monetary pumping. This, however, will continue to undermine the economy's ability to generate real wealth and hence a sustained economic recovery.”
    Correction, Mr. Bernanke
  • Check out this video tour of the latest exhibition at Michael Newberry’s gallery, ‘Landscape with a Modern Edge’:


“The policies that are being developed to fight 'climate change' are a
catalyst to the deindustrialisation of the West.”
- Cynicus Economicus, in ‘ClimateGate & Economics


  • Copenhagen: the sweet sound of exploding watermelons
  • Commercialism Only Adds to Joy of the Holidays 'Tis the season for earthly pleasures...
  • New blog post: - Top Ten Stories of the Last 4.5 Billion Years
  • Ayn Rand Center announces winners: "Atlas Shrugged" Winner Pockets $10,000!:
  • Driven from its habitat by unprecedented polar melting, 'polar bear' heads to Copenhagen asking "Where is Phil Jones"?
  • New blog post: - An Austrian analysis of the burst Dubai bubble
  • Capitalism's Best Salesman: Yaron Brook replies to Wall Street Journal's Heather Wilhelm’s misconceptions:
  • Zimbabwe toilet sign advises: use tissue only, not our nation's paper currency [BB]
  • THINK BiG 2.0 hits Wellington, with $2.4 billion of your money poured down the economic black hole that is the capital.
  • Arguments to build Transmission Gully? Precisely none.
  • Transmission Gully. It's a $3 a head subsidy for a $20 a head road. A bad bargain.
  • #ClimateGate: Russians say Hadley Center “probably tampered with Russian climate data.” Now, why would you do that unless...
  • Hysterical photobomb: Diana’s caption: "Sometimes, it's just not easy to get a picture of the right pussy."
  • Here's the REAL climate hockey stick! As Madeleine says, “It really raises questions of sustainability.”

  • Against Eco chic? "Environmentalists criticise 'buying green,' because at root they are against buying anything."
  • Why Atlas Shrugged Changes Lives
  • This photo just split RadleyBalko's brain in two.
  • Is this really the best propaganda to be mustered from 1.5million testimonies? If you have to lie to make your point...
  • Legendary investor Jim Rogers tries not to make predictions, but talks world-wide depression
  • Common law: It’s the ultimate example of spontaneous order-"the product of human action, but not of human design."
  • Hiked UK taxes set off another Great British Brain Drain. Will they ever learn?
  • Economist Paul Samuelson "helped push economics down the wrong road .. fateful choice was the late 1940s"
  • Front page UK story: 'Climate Change is Natural: 100 reasons why.'
  • Marsden Fund 'science' grants: Surely they are taking the piss More alleged science
  • Fair trade coffee keeps poor coffee producers poor.
  • The overpopulation bogie has now infected the Financial Post. "Whole world needs to adopt China's one-child policy." Yikes
  • Greenpeace Leader admits claims about Greenland ice sheet melting were propaganda! If you have to lie to make your point . . .
  • What (so far) is the most destructive and harmful law ever enacted by a United States President? Briggs Armstrong argues it was the Federal Reserve Act, signed into law by Woodrow Bloody Wilson in 1913.
    Sad Day in History

Thanks for reading. Have a salacious Saturnalia !  And watch out, there are cougars about [hat tip Cactus Kate] :-)


  1. Merry Christmas to you Peter, and to your readers and commenters.

    Thanks for running an interesting and thought provoking blog..... all the best for 2010 :-)

  2. Bugger.... sorry... I should have said "Salacious Saturnalia". But you get the idea anyway I'm sure - hahahaha

  3. The world is in recovery - there will be no W shaped recession.

    When I was buying US shares last February people on SOLO were abusive - calling me a mad bitch, an idiot.

    Have had the best year ever,just shows the herd were wrong as usual.

  4. Thanks for the link Peter. As an irrelevant point of interest, that bank vs IRD thread got me to No. 1 commenter on Hickey's site :) I suspect a hearty little band of Libertarians made it over there from here.


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