Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas funnies [updated]

While Australian pants are in a knot over a suggestive Toyota ad, tits are all a’tangle locally over a simple billboard image outside a church.


The church is St Mathews in the City, over the road from the casino. I’ve got to say, good on them.  I’m not their target market, but I laughed when I saw it. I think they pinched the punchline from the screamingly funny panto Christ Almighty!, currently running just around the block from the church, but it’s funny—and what’s wrong with that?

And if you titter at this, then you’'ll laugh yourself stupid at Christ Almighty! If you get a chance, head along. Boating “an abused donkey, an alcoholic archangel, a shepherd who fancies both sheep and angels (angels have needs too),” an inadequate husband and an innkeeper keen to make a buck, it’s bound to tickle your funny bone—if you’ve got one. And add the Sexy Recession Cabaret to another evening’s revels. You’ll have a ball at both, I guarantee it.


But be quick, both finish soon.


(DISCLAIMER: Unlike David Farrar’s occasional theatre promotions, these plugs are not based on being given free tickets—sadly—but because thee shows are bloody good. So get out there and enjoy them!)

UPDATE: From the unintentionally-funny file (or at least I hope it’s unintentional) here’s a song from (shudder) Bob Dylan’s new Christmas album.


  1. Re the St Matthew's sign -it could be worse - Joseph and Mary could be portrayed as a realistic funny A-rab colour as in a town in Italy.


    Either way it's a good poke at the cult of the virgin Mary that catholics are so fond of.

  2. Joseph did have a regular bonk with Marry and and she used to sing/moan hallelujah praise the Lord during those sexual encounters with Joseph. It was historically reported that she moaning Jesus, I am in heaven and when their baby was born, they named him Jesus.

  3. ROFL!
    Those are hilarious!
    If you go on iCanHazaCheezeburger, they have a cat with the nativity scene. It's pretty cute!
    Happy holidays! Nice to be reading something entertaining for a smile. :)



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