Thursday, 17 December 2009

Agreement in Copenhagen [update 8]

Apparently there is some agreement coming out of Copenhagen:
Agreement Reached in Copenhagen...
The U.N. Shouldn't Be in Charge of Climate Change Policy

    “After waiting hours in [sub-zero temperatures] with intermittent periods of snow on Monday and Tuesday in unsuccessful bids to get into the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP-15) of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, many of those who have long-supported a strong global response to the threat of global warming began questioning the wisdom of leaving these decisions to the United Nations.”
No comment needed, really. Watch the poor saps freezing on this video report.
UPDATE 1: Tim Blair reckons it’s the Gore Effect that’s freezing off journos’ toes.
UPDATE2: Meanwhile, in other CopenHuggin news, there are “signs that talks among major nations are at an impasse.” How disappointing for the luvvies.
UPDATE 3: Says The Foundry Live at Copenhagen: Great news - Copenhagen is a disaster, and there’s a simple reason:
    “Despite all the people turned away from this UN conference, it looks like one unwelcome intruder made it in - reality. Stringent energy rationing provisions in the name of fighting global warming are more trouble than they are worth. We will know for sure by Friday, but Copenhagen could spell the beginning of the end to the failed Kyoto approach.”
UPDATE 4: Speaking of reality, looks like there’s yet more evidence the earth’s alleged climate scientists were trying to fake it.  Claims today from Russia that CRU’s scientists manipulated Russian temperature data to falsely show warming—cherrypicking records from the few stations that did fit and discarding records from the majority of the stations that didn’t, in the place which represents fully one-eighth of the world’s land mass!
That’s precisely how big this story is.
Add these the evidence of other fakery from Darwin to Alaska to Mauna Loa, and points in between, and you’d surely have to agree with James Delingpole that, taken all in all, “What the Russians are suggesting here, in other words, is that the entire global temperature record used by the IPCC to inform world government policy is a crock.”
If it’s real, why do they have to fake it? Looks increasingly like one of the few honest things the alleged scientists were saying was that the warming was man-made—just not in the way we had thought.
UPDATE 5: From reader Mark Hubbard:
    “Christopher Monckton just did a brilliant slot on Leighton Smith's NewstalkZB show. Listen in here from about 13:00.”
UPDATE 6: Sadly, there is one other point of agreement coming out of CarbonHagen: the agreement to shovel truckloads of money in the direction of the third world’s dictators to assuage western guilt for  . . . something.  It’s The Great Climate Shakedown! The poor people of the richer countries forced to give money to the rich dictators of the poor countries—as if that’s ever been a solution for anything.
UPDATE 7: Al Gore’s been busy writing more fiction.  Says Andrew Bolt:
    “Yet another Gore whoopsie, this time on extra “tree motality” thanks to global warming. At what stage can we call this fraud a bare-faced liar? It’s odd that not one of his many, many mistakes errs on the side of calm.”

UPDATE 8:  Andrew Bolt summarises the final result of the Copenhagen Hug-In, cobbled togther at a last-minute smoker:
"Hot air, no fixed targets, promises of a vast transfer of wealth from the West and everyone flies back home thinking they’ve been warriors for mankind.
If the report is true, it’s almost as much as a sceptic could hope for."


  1. I see Key has been bumped out of the televised BBC "debate" by Australian PM KRudd.

    Key better be quick though. Otherwise he might have to queue up behind Gordon Brown & KRudd in order to kiss the Bamster's ass.

  2. Oh wow! "We" should be overcome with a warm fuzzy glow as "we" see how WELL 'lil 'ol NZ is doing on the international stage.

    $45mil for fuck sake ! How the fuck can people eat without agriculture? How the fuck do burps from ruminating herbivores affect the climate ?

  3. Leave that little toss-pot Key over there. Save the money and don't bring him back.



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