Friday, 6 November 2009

Poster for ‘Las Vie Parisienne’ – Georges Léonnec

Georges Léonnec 
Part of the life-affirming “culture of Paris” that we were just paying (against our will) for Hone Harawira to be sucking up – this 1922 cover by Léonnec for the magazine La Vie Parisienne harks back to the sense of life of late-nineteenth century European romantic culture and, specifically, the rambunctiously infectious operettas of Jacques Offenbach.

And frankly, if you’ve never seen one of Offenbach’s operettas, then you’ve never lived.  I guarantee that if Hone sat through one, he’d be tickled pink.

Which would almost be worth the price of his ticket.


  1. I wouldn't describe Le Folie-Bergere as "romantic culture". Most relationships were strictly business.
    P.S. It's quite easy to hitch-hike from Brussells to Paris.

  2. hahaha... whats going on here... its really very romantic. thanks for sharing this with us.


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