Tuesday, 6 October 2009

“Capill denied parole”

Graham Capill, remember him? “Capill denied parole” is the headline. A better headline would have been “Creationist, moralising, hypocrite child molester denied parole.”  That’d be an example of “truth in sentencing.” But let’s stop with the grammatical jokes.  As my friend says at his SunLive blog,
    “It really is hard to believe this creep – once a stiffer-sentences, anti-gay, anti-prostitution-law-reform and anti-sex-before-marriage campaigner - would have the gumption to go for parole after interfering with children.
    “If he had any decency, or wanted to set a real example of what he once told us he stood for, he’d ask to be locked up for good.”
Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be upset if that were to happen.


  1. Good news.

    He has refused to take a sex offenders treatment programme in prison which is why parole keeps being denied; an example that Mr Capill is (still) arrogantly not accepting he has a problem of any sort and, presumably, sticking to the line about consentual sex.

    On an amusing note - has anyone noticed how Capill looks like the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond? ha ha!

  2. I second the good news.

    What a truly vile individual.

  3. He might contemplate an early tete a tete with his creator to exchange views on the moral implications of kiddie fiddling?

  4. Elijah, while I am no fan of Capill, unlike you, I have actually read the Parole Board report on Capill. It is flat out wrong to state that Capill has refused to take treatment. I've written about that here

  5. I most certainly have read the parole board decision!

    I do not write out of ignorance or innuendo.

    In the 2008 report they expressed astonishment that someone in prison for that length of time was unable to have entered an appropriate programme.

    They also seemed to take the view he was pulling their tits with his excuses.

    There is an amusing film starring Roger Moore called 'Bullseye' and in one scene his character is visiting a house and is asked if he wants a refreshment and if so, what?

    He then asks "do you have..." and starts listing various things (tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc) until he reaches something the person does not have and then says "oh, I will have some of that please" (requiring them to go down to the local shop to get it)

    This is what Capill is doing in prison and he is not impressing anybody nor is he doing himself any favours.

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  7. I remove moderation, and within ten minutes the Rodbeater troll virus reappears.

    So back to moderation, I'm afraid.


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