Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Economics in One Lesson - Part 1, ‘The Lesson’ [updated]

The first in a series of twelve interviews with leading Austrian Economists discussing each chapter of Hazlitt's classic book – i.e., the book that every home should have.  Listen in to Walter Block on the introduction and ‘The Lesson’ . . .

. . . and Thomas Di Lorenzo on ‘The Broken Window.’  You should know about that one by now, right?


  1. A quote on the internet which stated that Austrian Economics is taking a holistic approach to economic dynamics rather than individualistic or reductionist view, which is quoted here. Hayek is also mentioned.

  2. Looking forward to watching these.

    Re our conversation of the other day, Peter, 'that organisation' cannot come soon enough:


    There is an absolute absence of any sort of philosophic back bone, hence morality, in NZ's mainstream economic thought.


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