Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New bloggers: Clark & Watkins take on the Bay

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Tauranga’s Sun Live newspaper is now hosting two combative freedom-loving bloggers (cripes, they’re everywhere, aren’t they!?). En garde!

    Our new blog Clark & Watkins will serve to offer you an enlightened view of what it should be like to live as an independent-thinking & free individual in a free economy.
    We’ll highlight infractions of your right to liberty, and those busy-bodies that wish to infract.
    We’ll show you what your council and its minions are up to with your money and your property rights.
    We’ll spell out where your money goes and to who.
    We’ll defend your liberty against all those that wish to take it away, whether they be private citizen or politician.
    Each day we will post our view on a current event, or general freedom issue, but we’ll also offer alternatives or solutions to the status/statist quo.
    We’ll also post on music, art, and important people that come to this nice town of ours.

Add them to your blog roll … if you can work out what their blog’s regular damn address is. (In the meantime, head to SunLive’s blog page and look for the cool logo.)


  1. Excellent - beat the bastards back Graham!

  2. Richard McGrath1 Sep 2009, 15:49:00

    Congrats guys, I will look forward to your pithy comments as I sip my morning coffee.

  3. False start unfortunately. Mr Clark is sick as a dog, being cared for by Mrs Clark. And I've been on the road all week. Transmission will resume come Monday.


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