Thursday, 6 August 2009

Reminder: Blogger’s bar bash Thursday!

Weizenbier window It’s the first Thursday of the month this week, so get ye along to Galbraith’s at the top of Mt Eden Rd for the Bloggers’ Bar Bash.  Join bloggers and blog-readers for a pint or two and some friendly banter.  I’ll be there, Annie Fox will be there, Matt and Madeleine will be there – and who knows who else.  We might even get Susan and LGM and Falufulu Fisi and a few other NOT PC regulars out for the evening!

So why not come and join us from about 6:30pm on! All welcome – both bloggers and blog readers.


  1. Oh yes, good question.

    Shall we say about 6:30pm?

  2. If Chris Trotter, Matt McCarten, Keith Locke, John Minto, Willie Jackson, Laila Harre (and the rest of their group) which they often go as a group on a regular basis to Galbraith for a drink , happens to be there on the same night, then they should be invited to join table and have debates.

  3. Jeez, FF ... you've just listed six reasons to screw up a perfectly good evening!

  4. I reckon! Matt and I once went out for dinner and Laila, McCarten and a few others were at the next table, (this was shortly after the big Laila-Jim split some years back) and oh my goodness I never heard so much union-ese.

    We'll be there if I can get my pain under control - I have had a very bad pain week so not sure if I'll be in any state to sit on those awful chairs. Seeing the doctor again tomorrow for more drugs so we'll see.

    Definitely would be good to see some more blogging faces though, I'd love to meet a few more of the Auckland blog crowd.

  5. if [the commies] happen to be there on the same night, then they should be invited to join table and have debates.
    Or alternatively you could meet them outside and rip their fucking throats out.
    Just a thought.

    One option will make a difference to NZ.
    The other will - involve you making friends with lefties.

  6. Bugger, will be in Wgtn Thursday night on my way to Dunedin. Which reminds me, I won't be able to do a column next week, PC. But have a good night. Hope to make it up for the next one!

  7. Had intentions of coming out of self-imposed exile but landed a couple of unexpected visitors.

    Remind me next month ...


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