Thursday, 6 August 2009

Quotes of the morning: On the tale of two snouts [update 2]

Patrick J.  on Bill English:

Says the Bill: "I've done nothing wrong, but it looks bad."
It's a sad indictment of modern politics.  No longer a question of ethics, but aesthetics.

David Slack on the snouts in the trough:

Next perception correction: Paula repays her TIA allowance. Says: "That's what feisty people out there who back themselves do.’

Good luck with that one.

UPDATE 1: MPs’ Primary Place of Residence form is here [pdf].  Note the question at the foot of page one [hat tip Red Alert].

UPDATE 2:  The Companies Act requires shareholders to provide a full residential address. Section 377 of the Act states that it is an offence under the Act to make a false statement in relation to any of the requirements of the Act, including giving the correct address. And according to the Registrar of companies, the “full residential address” of Beneficiary Bill, the shareholder of Resolution Farms, is in Wellington --  because Sir Double Dipton has told them it is.  Story at the Double Standard.

I wonder where Bill and the brood say Mass every Sunday?

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  1. And it gets better and better. this morning on ZB a political commenatator defended the rorting by statiing that under the previous system the politicians used to steal the cutlery, linen and some of the furniture when they departed a ministerial house... Therfore, according to that shithead, the new system is better.

    Let's see, either let them rort or esle they'll steal...



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