Friday, 17 July 2009

‘Villa Modern’

Prefab or Group houses built to standardised designs don’t have to be dull – and the way the building regulations are going here in EnZed, they might soon be the only affordable way that home-owners might ever live in an architect-designed home.LELAND HOUSE -- the only economical way to get a flower instead of a weed out the system.

Here for example are three houses produced by a crowd of US home-builders called Villa Modern [hat tip Prairie Mod] offering “a combination of modern influence infused with some of the traditional forms and elements that most people associate with a comfortable liveable home.”

M. FARADAY HOUSE“The modern home designs here are inspired by the art and architecture that began in Europe in the early 1900's and was characterised by clean lines, broad windows and open floor plans. Incorporating the historic design concepts into today’s lifestyles the houses represented are liveable, sculptural, and dramatic.

Modern influenced, but moderately affordable.JENKINS HOUSE

“Inspired by historical precedent in modern design, and a lean towards flexible open living spaces, these designs reflect a more  sophisticated value on home design and statement,” they say.

They’re not exactly site specific, but they indicate that mass-produced needn’t mean demeaning.


  1. Those Villa modern plan look good, and are very affordable. How are they to translate to NZ use?

  2. they're soooo japanese!

    i had a friend who lived in new jersey. their town got involved with a pre-fab plan and the whole town was built that way. the same thing happend in new mexico.

    unfortunately, the house plans got switched so new jersey, with all its snow, got the flat roofs and new mexico got the peaked roofs.

    you'd think someone might notice before the whole city was built!


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