Friday, 17 July 2009

General debate

Feeling frustrated?  Mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore?

Anything you want to get off your chest?  Anyone you want to admonish?

Then have at it! Here’s your chance.


  1. "[Dame Sian Elias] has raised concerns in the Beehive after a speech to the Law Society that slated the "punitive and knee-jerk" response of successive governments to criminal justice issues."

    A *punitive* criminal justice system? Exactly what does the chief justice think the criminal justice system is there to do? *Thank* the criminals? Apologise that their benefits aren't generous enough?

    Typical attitude from one of Helen Clark's mates.

  2. Peter, "Do you really wanna know, or are you just asking"?

  3. Sure is something I want to get off my chest...


    If the Historic Places Trust want a say in what someone can do with their own property, why don't they front up with some cash and BUY the place? Craig is a great, hardworking guy. He's really looked after that pub, and put a lot of his blood, sweat, and tears into it. He values it, respects it's history, and treats it well. If he chose not to, that should be up to him and him alone. How dare a bunch of interfering assholes dictate what someone else may do with their own building?

  4. Just as mad as the case you stated Greig, is this: A developer buys 15 former state houses - old wooden 40's & 50's type - to build a medical centre opposite Tauranga hospital. To off set costs, until development starts, he wants to rent them out. He goes to another hearing at the council only to be told by a council creep that they are considering making those ex state houses "historic places". Astounded, he consults his engineer people whom tell him that he best get rid of them before they do. He has had to sell them, which finacially sounds fine, but he had to remove them before he sold them all incuring huge transpot costs and massive council fees for the priviledge. A fucking eye sore these things were, but according to said creep, they are "part of tauranga's heritage..."

  5. Elijah Lineberry17 Jul 2009, 10:42:00

    I want to admonish Goldman Sachs.

    They have been around for about 1000 years, blew half a century of the firm's capital in the 1929 crash with the ill fated 'Goldman Sachs Trading Company' (or whatever it was called), then had to spend 25 years rebuilding its capital and reputation.

    They then spent the 50s, 60s and 70s creating an excellent reputation for customer service, high standards and ethics and in the 80s, 90s and 2000's were the premier Investment Banking firm in the World.

    Why is it, then, they did not learn from the mistakes of the 1920s? why did they all go mad in 2004-07? why did they have to go on their knees to Congress for a handout?

    Notwithstanding the handout having been repaid, I suggest everyone should not get too 'mexican wavey' about the profit announcement on Tuesday, they still cocked up spectacularly, they still failed to learn the brutal lessons of the past (circa 1929/30), and they have still deviated from the very high standards of half a century ago.

    This disastrous 18 months would never have happened in Sidney Weinberg's time (I wonder why?)

  6. Well I'm starting to feel quite bullish about a new Libertarian-ish party. A few people have told me it would never work. I suspect those people want Libz to be a NZ version of BNP. And with the conservative views on abortion and immigration it could be leaning that way.

    Of late some comments here show that a few who have libertarian sympathies are not just barkers for the Republican Party.

    Oh and has anyone else noticed it is only 'socialism' since Obama became President...even though he is quite centrist.

  7. Why is there still a government in NZ? Seriously - we seem to do more without them then with them. We were the first at everything else - how about the first to stop feeding fat pigs?

  8. I tend to share your dispointment at the lack of decrease in nanny state by the national government, but Prog Blog, has found a list of positives. I was pleasently supprised by the number of things national has supposedly got rid of

  9. Well....
    I'm sick of the kids out there and their use of the word 'like' in their vocab that they more than scatter through their sentences. Can't they just listen to themselves and hear how stupid it sounds?

    I was on a bus today (had to catch one of those damn things!) and was seated about 2/3 of the way down. A young man seated in the back seat with two female friends was talking very loudly, so much so that the passengers in the front could hear the conversation. We got about 2 km down the road, when I could not stand it anymore. I turned around and told him to turn the volume down, that I am not interested in hearing the details of his conversation and I would put a wager that there are other passengers who feel the same. I got the yeah, yeah, whatever. The loud conversation started up again right away, spiked with the and yeah like and like this and like that etc. Terribly frustrating, as it went on for another 15 minutes or so.

    Yes, there are many more things of greater concern, but gee, those kids piss me off. They need some lessons in how to speak properly.


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