Friday, 22 May 2009

The ten-million dollar question

It’s been interesting listening to all the rumour and speculation about the “runaway squillionaires,” especially answers the questions what you would do if you found yourself the windfall winner of a ten-million dollar bank error in your favour.

Which reminded me of an old architect’s joke. 
Q: What would you do if you won a million dollars?
A: I’d keep  practicing architecture until it was all gone.
[Insert laugh track here.]

So what would you do?


  1. Sean Fitzpatrick22 May 2009, 09:15:00

    Reminds me of Richard Branson's comment that the easiest way to become a millionaire was to be a billionaire and then get into the airline industry.

  2. A million New Zealand dollars? Put a deposit on a flat in London - yep, you are talking bugger all money really.

  3. Elijah Lineberry22 May 2009, 12:03:00

    I would immediately give it back ..(and think those saying they would trouser millions of dollars of stolen money and do a runner should be ashamed of themselves)

  4. give it back, because i am a goody-good.

  5. Look who's talking? Elijah, have you paid the money that you promised DenMT ?

  6. Well, it happened to me once, and I did give it back.

    (Was a good deal less than 10 million -- $9,920,000 less, in fact -- but 10 mil wouldn't be worth the trouble...libertyscott's right)

  7. This is not monopoly. It isn't yours.

  8. I'd put it in a high interest deposit account for a few weeks, I think I can stall the Bank that long, give the money back and keep the interest.

  9. I'd get a bionic arm and x-ray vision.

    wv = depant. yep, that's what the xray vision is for.

  10. There is an 'Undue Enrichment' clause with Bank accounts I'm afraid - so you cannot claim interest on it. Lineberry is right. It's stolen money -- ie theft.

  11. Whoa!! Ruth is in agreement with this liar Elijah Lineberry?????

  12. and think those saying they would trouser millions of dollars of stolen money and do a runner should be ashamed of themselvesThis is not monopoly. It isn't yours.Thing is, it isn't anybody else's, either, so I can't see my way to pretending it's "stolen". Stolen from whom, exactly?

    The only problem I have with the idea of legging it, really, is that you'll spend the rest of your life on the run, so there'd have to be a lot more money involved before I'd consider it worthwhile. For 100 million, maybe...if I could figure a way to get that much out of the banking system without raising any alarms. [Could probably keep most of that intact...with only 3.8 mil or whatever it was these guys ran off with, they'll probably only clear 10-15 cents on the dollar in the end anyway (unless they spend it all fast). Seriously not worth it]


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